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Remember two months ago when I was bemoaning the end of the summer? I’m sure those of you in warmer climes thought I was being melodramatic, but, listen: WE’RE SUPPOSED TO GET SNOW TODAY. Snow. People, it’s not even November. This is exactly the kind of wackadoo weather that makes me wish for a lazy (albeit humid) NYC summer day. But I’m not giving up the ghost on enjoying the rest of the fall outdoors. Not when this rustic metal fire pit from At West End exists.

fire pit

I like how casual and charming the design is. Makes me want to heat up a mug of hot chocolate, light some kindling, and rub my palms together over the crackling glow. Snow be darned! These weenies aren’t going to roast themselves!

7 Responses

  1. Ronique@Freshome says:

    As the weather gets cooler this is the perfect addition to any outdoor home get-together! I love the idea of being able to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or just have warmth at a pseudo bonfire at your next fall party at your home. Thanks Briana and HGTV for featuring this great idea!

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  3. Lawrence says:

    watched this program only three times and on the third saw homosexuals so happy that one kissed the other on the side of the head, that did it for me, no more until they clean up this program. This is discusting.

  4. Becca says:

    Larry, get over yourself.

  5. Arathi says:

    I'm a producer on HGTV's Mom Caves and we are looking for a beautiful outdoor space with a firepit to feature on our show. Do you know of any in or around NYC? Please help!

  6. That is a great outdoor fire pit. Patina designs make something similar that is really fun as well. I wonder how the west end pits hold up and how thick their metal is. But I love the dark metal, I've never seen that before! I'm so psyched it is almost summer again, time to fire up the dogs!!!

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