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By now, most parts of the country have traded the sun-filled days of summer for a crisper fall clime but the warming presence of the sun is still evident in our selection of this month’s color. From the runway to the changing leaves outside your window, this happy hue is popping up everywhere. It’s such a natural choice that it won by a (nearly) unanimous vote. Wanna know what it is?


“This color is so delicious…literally. It makes me think of roasted butternut squash, creamy carrot soup, and mugs of hot mulled cider. Gorgeous to look at and good to eat? Yes, please.” —Marianne Canada, HGTV Home Studio

marigold color of the month1. House Beautiful  2. Painting: etsy/pinkpainter

“The fall landscape may turn marigold just as the leaves are dying, but a color so vibrant always makes me think about life and energy, not decay. It’s like mustard’s younger, happier and prettier sister.” —Briana Mowrey, Senior Online Editor

marigold color of the month1. Trendland / Lisa Candela: Colors of Mexico 2. Photo by James Merrell

“Marigold is the perfect hue for fall. Whether paired with black, gray or other hot colors like teal or plum, it can work well as a bold background or as a subtle accent color through throw pillows and accessories. Its rich, orange undertone adds instant warmth to a space and will help lead us into the cooler months of winter.” —Kayla Kitts, Assistant Editor

marigold color of the month1: Knit Hat: etsy/mojospastyle  2: Angie Hranowsky Design Studio

“Whether it’s because it’s just the right time of year or endless other reasons, marigold is catching my eye every place I look.  It works beautifully with harvest and autumnal accessories this season and eases us into cooler temperatures with its warmth. I think marigold” —Emily Morrow, Shaw Floors Director of Color Style & Design

marigold color of the month1. Bedroom by Phoebe Howard 2. Pillow: etsy/thehomecentric

“Marigold is at once fresh and traditional – its warm tones are reminiscent of the fall sunlight that’s waning way too fast, but it’s welcome alternative to November’s traditional orange. It reminds me of bi-colored mums and goldenrod and pairs just as well with juicy jewel tones as it does with rich slate grays. Whether you add a bold teapot or a marigold-hued statement chair, this color is bound to improve your mood. And we might just be ahead of the curve on this one – there was chatter at last week’s High Point Market that yellow is the next “it” color.” —Liz Gray, Senior Online Editor

Now, we want to hear from you. What do you think of our color choice this month and how will you incorporate it into your home’s fall decor or Thanksgiving entertaining plans?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I'm redoing my kitchen and need help. I love the contemporary look. My kitchen is an odd shape. I don't know where to start. I tried the Home stores but you have to tell them what you want and I don't know. I need your help.

  2. maggie says:

    my daughter moved in a 110 year old home and painted the dining room aquarium by sherwin williams..the living room is open to the dining room and she doesnt have any idea what style or color to go with in the living room…help

    • fredgonsowskigardenh says:

      Soft Coral Pink, Chocolate Brown, Plum-Maroon and Silver gray would go great with Aquarium by Sherwin Williams. Comment by Fred Gonsowski Garden Home .com

      • fredgonsowskigardenh says:

        Maggie, have your daughter go to a fabric or wall paper store with a sample of the paint (Aquarium). Look for fabrics or wall papers that have that color (aquarium) as part of the over all color scheme. Don't pay that much attention to the patterns, BUT look at the other colors they used when they made up the fabric or wall paper designs. Those colors will all be colors that she could use in the next rooms. Comment by Fred Gonsowski Garden Home .com

        • fredgonsowskigardenh says:

          Maggie, One more thing…Because the living room opens up to the dining room, she should treat the two rooms in a way as one. She needs to work the Aquarium paint color, in small amounts, as accents into the next room (living room) to unify / tie together the two spaces. Throw pillows for a sofa, aquarium as part of the color ways of an oriental / patterned rug, ceramic lamp bases, some aquarium colored vases, a throw on a chair, or even a chair upholstered in a fabric with aquarium as part of the patterns color-ways, would help move the color from one room to another.
          Comment by Fred Gonsowski Garden Home .com

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  6. Austin Shade says:

    Marigold is such a great color for the Fall. It brightens up the sometimes drab pre-Winter days and really works well with other neutral colors. Excellent choice of textures in the example photos, too. And, by making these marigold accents portable or replaceable (like the room divider or headboard coverings), you can swap them our for a cooler color as Summer approaches. Nice work!

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  8. gilstrapdesigns says:

    I love the designs and all of the fall colors that hat is so cute. Fall is my favorite time of the year all of the deep rich colors.

  9. booly says:

    Agree. Always giving the feeling of happy days. http://room-ideas.co.uk/

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