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So my production company is in Park City, Utah, shooting the online videos for the 2012 HGTV Dream Home. Um? Oh. My. Gawd. For any of you who’ve yet to experience this magical state, which is easily the most gorgeous place in the world, you are missin’ out, y’all! Everywhere you look, there’s picturesque scenery packed with to-die-for colors.

Inspiring Kitchens from HGTV Dream Homes Past

And although Utah itself is incredible, the 2012 HGTV Dream Home is just as spectacular. Designer Linda Woodrum has done it again. This time, the house is right smack in the center of a rustic piece of property, which looks out over the Provo River and onto gorgeous Utah mountains. The interiors are transitional and neutral, spotlighting the blue tones from the Utah sky, which Linda used in a subtle, sophisticated manner.

Dream Home 2012: Furniture Load-In Day

And although I’m stoked to be here working on it, I can’t help but think to myself, “It really sucks that I’m disqualified from winning it.”


All y’all who are eligible to win better plan to get crackin’ when the sweepstakes starts on Dec. 29, 2011, at 9am ET. (You’ll be able to tour the house starting Dec. 1 — until then, stay up-to-date at Dream Home Central.) A life in Utah would be the closest thing to heaven on earth there is. Stay tuned!


HGTV Dream Home

36 Responses

  1. CplusE says:

    I can't wait to get a good look at this house — a few more preview pictures, please!

  2. beehivestate says:

    Looks like Linda did curtains on the back deck. Nice!

  3. BrendainKs says:

    I can't wait!!!!!!! :)

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  5. DeerSpring says:

    The view is wonderful and the outdoor room provides a comfortable, relaxing area to take it all in!
    Look at it this way, BPF. You may not be able to enter the contest but right now we can't enter the
    Dream Home! You can!

  6. AndreaJ says:

    It's in Midway right? I LOVE Midway! My in-laws retired there and it truly is heavenly.

  7. WishingforIt says:

    Love this pix. Although, I think this weekend it might be a more snowy view. Read the Pella post where it said the great room has 12 doors. Love all the access to the outdoors, but after the snake incident at Weber State University this week, I think I would need screen doors on any doors to the outside to prevent critters from creeping in ;-) The print shop at WSU is in the foothills of Ogden and they propped an exterior door open to allow the great warm fall weather to come in and not only did it, but also 4 small rattlesnakes came in too! I think the DH would only need to worry about skunks, hehehehe, being in the river bottoms.

  8. absolutejn says:

    Thank you for the preview picture of Linda's backporch (with curtains). It gives a nice sense of nestling to balance the huge, endless landscape. It brings it all together and keeps it comforting. …So with this preview how shall we wait thru two months for the grand video of the wonderful interior? I may not make it!
    I saw an Arch Digest shoot of Ted Turner's get-a-way in a similar terrain (on a flood plain, mountains in the distance) but for him no houses around anywhere!
    There the designer used a one-storey, Spanish-style stucco wall along one side of the house with a garden/walkway (about 30 feet wide) between it and his home in order to counter the sense of being isolated, since the house was the only one on acre upon acres of endless landscape.
    Beautiful but balanced with warmth. Like Linda's curtained porch is.

  9. Angelways says:

    Thanks ,for the picture & nice comment about Midway Utah.But I am all ready smitten with the D.H & land,from the HGTV Dream Home Blog.! You should check it out.

  10. DBCoop says:

    Okay, I really shouldn't whine TOO much, but maybe just a little will be good for my emotional well-being. I mean, let's face it, I DID get to visit the Dream Home in situ the first days of August, and even chat with the famous celebrity Jack T. How lucky is that?!

    Nonetheless, I'm green with envy (and perhaps even a tinge of Linda Woodrum's subtle and sophisticated blues) that Brian gets to enjoy the full-on, furnished Dream Home experience while getting paid to do it! How could anyone ask for more than that? Well they could, and he did, as a matter of fact — wistfully wishing for that unattainable opportunity to win this magical DH as well as photograph it.

    Therefore, under the circumstances, I'm taking the longer-term view, Brian. I'll wait to view all of your great photographic work in exchange for the chance to win the home!

    Bonne chance, mes amis!

    • lucyourdog says:

      That's pretty lucky Coop !! Did he bring you fly fishing? Your quite the world traveler Coop, maybe that's why your posts are so witty. :) B)

      • DBCoop says:

        That WAS lucky to run into Jack T in Midway, although he was awfully busy as you might imagine and didn't have time to go fly fishing — but I hope that when we get around to the big drawing of the winner's name that this Dream Home isn't the one that got away from me. I'll just have to be sure I use the right lure, which in this case will be not to miss a single one of those daily entries! Otherwise, I'll have plenty of "fish stories" to tell about how I allllmost netted that beauty!

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