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When I first started thrifting for my apartment, I filled my shopping cart with everything that caught my eye. Too many times, I’d leave an item behind to give myself time to consider it, only to come back to find that someone else had bought it.

Thrifters Gotta Have Patience

But the real trick isn’t throwing everything in your cart just to keep someone else from picking it up. It’s editing before the item even goes in your cart.

Vintage BowlYes, this vintage bowl is gorgeous. But do you really need it?

The first thing is to ask, “Do I really want this? Where will I place it?” If you say yes to the first question and give a quick response to the second, I would say it’s a keeper. However, if you don’t have a place for it, and/or it doesn’t give you the happy feeling, let it go.

I admit to having way too many dishes. I used to buy inexpensive pieces because they were my style. Many of those pieces are still sitting in the bag the cashier placed them in. If you don’t entertain regularly, or display dishes as soon as you get home, chances are you won’t ever use them. So edit your cart and take out those pretties. Heartbreaking, I know. However, it’s for the better.

How to Display Dishes if You Just Can’t Part With Them

Double check what’s in your cart to make sure you don’t already have something similar. Unless you collect canisters, ask yourself whether it’s necessary to have two sets.

Do you edit while you shop? What are some of your tips.



21 Responses

  1. samc says:

    When I see an item that interests me I always put it in the cart. Walk around the store, continue to shop. When I'm ready to checkout I look at everything in the cart, buy or put back. I find the time with it in my basket helps me make the decision. I always feel a tug that I should have bought it if I leave it on the shelf & just walk away from the item.

  2. Mimi says:

    Those are great rules of thumb. If you don't love it, it really doesn't matter how cheap it is because ultimately you won't use it.

  3. @MrGWHunting says:

    How awesome. Do share a few of them on here so we can make sure we are doing it properly. LOL.

  4. Kathe says:

    I too keep it in my cart until I am ready to checkout. Often times, the time spent in my cart is all the time I really wanted to "own" it anyway LOL!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I do this at every store. I always fill my basket to overflowing. My husband must think, "there goes the rent money." But before I check out I reshop my cart and most of the time I leave without spending a cent.

    • Ruth says:

      I thought I was the only one that did that. I always say, someone is must think I have mental illness. Now I know there are two of us. lol Ruth

  6. Andrea Growickae says:

    I collect dishes to use in mosaics.

    • marianne says:

      hi, I live in georgia and cannot throw anything away that might be used by someone, I just read your note about mosaics. I saved a huge box of broken china for mosaics but don't have the time. I would like to give it to someone.

  7. Marcie says:

    I've started reselling. That way I can buy the things I love, and enjoy them for awhile. If after living with it for a couple weeks I really love something I will make room for it by putting something else into the sell stash. Knowing that most of the stuff is just mine temporarily helps me not get too attached, yet lets me enjoy the fun of thrifting. I've found that for me it's mostly the thrill of the hunt anyway, not so much the actual owning of the object. Making a little money doing what I love is a bonus. It's also nice being able to shop my storage closet when I want to change things up.

  8. A Pinterest Addict says:

    I used to buy things because it was a great deal, and I figured I would find a place to put it, but I ended up with a lot of stuff around the house that never found a place. Now, I will buy something only if I have a definite need for it. It is easier not to buy something I don' t need than to have to sell it, or give it away, later.

  9. @DIYandSAVE says:

    My editing starts with a list BEFORE I go to the thrift store. The goal is usually to upcycle stuff (like these lamps http://www.diypics.com/diy-upcycled-table-lamps-a… so I know kinda what I'm looking for. One extraordinary find on top of the list is allowed as well. : )

  10. weeta says:

    I have always collected previously loved items and as I age and feel less need for things and more for simplicity I find homes for those items with people who love them as much as I did or donate to support our veterens

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