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Designer Kelly Wearstler spends time each day searching for exceptionally beautiful and one-of-a-kind objects that she can integrate into her residential and commercial designs, from hunky human forms and spherical structures to unique decorative embellishments and geometric beauties. Whether she’s sharing her finds straight from auction houses, warehouses or around town, Kelly uses her creative photo-based blog My Vibe My Life to share some of her favorite finds. In each post you can expect a unique grouping:  heads, busts, floral designs, cats, copper, chunky chain links. I, personally, can’t get enough. Every post leaves me wondering why I don’t have that funky spiked ball hanging from my ceiling or handcrafted brass legs relaxing on my living room side table.

kelly wearstler my vibe my life design blog interior design hgtv design happens

Find out why we’re gaga for Kelly.

1. My Vibe My Life is a Well-Balanced Outlet

To readers, My Vibe My Life is a sneak peek into the world of Kelly – a view of her West Coast design firm, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design, her newly-released fashion line and upcoming store launch, and a glimpse of the little things Kelly loves. For Kelly, the blog offers her a brief moment of “inspiration and happiness” during those days that feel especially hectic. One-of-a-kind statues, contemporary fabrics and chairs with a lot of attitude can quickly turn her day around. It’s an outlet, without being an outlet. There are those blogs I go to because I love listening to people rant, and then there are those blogs I go to because I love scrolling through endless photography from terribly cool fashionistas. This is that blog.

kelly wearstler my vibe my life design blog chain links design hgtv design happens

2. Her Designs Are Unrivaled and Courageous

While traditionalists may be turned off by her courageous use of patterns, colors, metallics, sculptures and mix-and-match of style eras, Kelly’s fearless designs are what set her apart from other designers. And it’s why we l-o-v-e her. Since she first began in interior design, her originality and daring nature has made Kelly stand out. It’s her from-scratch, retro-theatrical designs at a ’40s-era Beverly Hills hotel which launched her career. I love that her designs never feel unfinished or incomplete, and they never feel anything less than “original Kelly.” This is where she uses her blog to share her passion on sourcing each and every object she places in each room she designs. (Which leads me to number three…)

kelly wearstler my vibe my life interior design design blog hgtv design happens

kelly wearstler interior design kelly wearstler my vibe my life blog hgtv design happens design blog

kelly wearstler my vibe my life interior design blog design blog hgtv design happens

3. She’s Always on the Prowl for Killer Design Treasures

A good designer knows where to dig, and Kelly knows where to dig. That’s what My Vibe My Life mostly consists of — photography taken at Kelly’s favorite shopping spots as she looks for objects to fill her boutiques, clients’ homes and then bits of inspiration for her fashion line. Kelly looks for natural materials, like stones and rocks, and then seeks out those finds she knows no one else will have: a crystallized “skull,” a brass foot or a black-and-white checkerboard Greek ”hunk” statue. She finds inspiration in objects often passed by and turns them into the focal point of the entire room.

kelly wearstler my vibe my life interior design design blog hgtv design happens

kelly wearstler blog design my vibe my life interior design hgtv design happens

If you can’t get enough of Kelly, you can now bring her into your closet, too. Her fashion line, which launched in the spring, is just as original and chic as her interiors. I wouldn’t mind to have a lot of Kelly Wearstler tags in my closet.

We love Kelly for her bold, non-conforming designs, and My Vibe My Life has become a design trend go-to for us. What are your favorite blogs for original inspiration?

Tell us in the comments below.

4 Responses

  1. Briana@HGTV says:

    So funky and glam. Love the leopard jacket, love Kelly's designs, and well, just about everything about her.

  2. stylebyladyg says:

    Fabulously eclectic, very original and imaginative. Great Kelly

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  4. sandra davis says:

    I guess I miss all designers showa. I only see sell of homes sooo tired of that. Please udate your programs

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