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While I sometimes enjoy thrifting alone, going with a friend can be a whole lot better.

'i <3 thrifting" day 2011

Shopping with a buddy gives you an opportunity to get a second opinion right on the spot about an item.

What’s I Heart Thrifting Day?

Of course, this will only work if you value that person’s opinion, so make sure your friend is one you trust. You need someone who can even be truthful and let you know when you don’t need something, too.

"i <3 thrifting" day 2011

Small groups are an excellent way to cover more ground a a very large flea market. Put together a list of what everyone is seeking and you can easily text or send a quick picture if you find something on the list.

"i <3 thrifting" day 2011

How great is it to smile with a friend about one of your awesome scores or share thoughts on the seller whose prices were sky high?

So what are your perks for having a thrifting buddy or group?



6 Responses

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  2. Sidetracked Sarah says:

    I love thrifting with friends! It's great when we know what each other are looking for and can help each other not miss anything.

  3. Lori says:

    My friends don't "get" thrifting. Therefore, I don't generally go with them. When I do, it takes longer and they usually don't end up buying anything. I go with my husband and we have a blast- but it's more of an entertainment thing than a scoring great finds thing. It's like a 'museum of bad ideas' tour, or 'dude, did you ever have one of these??' exhibit. I love going with him, but it's a completely different outcome than my usual scan the store, score and salvage.

    • beautifullythrifty says:

      I can relate lori. My girlfriends are a bit remedial when it comes to thrifting but i have a blast w/ my boyfriend!

  4. janboll43 says:

    I am very lucky. I have my 17 year old daughter who loves to go thrifting with me. She can pick out things that I would have never looked at and that makes it fun. I have fun finding clothes for her and she does a great job of finding nice clothes for me.

  5. Tina Bordelon says:

    Where can I get the shirts shown in the picture? They are soooo cute! It would make an great gift. Please respond quickly – Christmas is in 2 weeks!!!!!
    Thanks :)

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