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Don’t you love it when you think you have a shelter magazine’s style pegged, and then they throw you a curveball? Take this month’s issue of Elle Decor, for example. It features a roundup of innovative wall treatments, and while most of the ideas are glam, elegant and posh (e.g. Martinique and De Gournay wallpaper), they’re also fairly typical for the glossy. And then, boom! This bold entrance hall by decorator Muriel Brandolini jumps out at me.

loving cup lyrics in hallway

Photo: Eric Boman

Here, the lyrics to the Rolling Stones’ song “Loving Cup” are spelled out in hand-beaded, embroidered felt. The way the letters play with size and perspective also feels fresh and fun. As much as I enjoy this lively statement, I enjoy that it was included next to some subtle De Gournay even more. It’s cognitive design dissonance at its most delicious. Well played, Elle Decor.

What do you think? Would you cover your walls with song lyrics? If so, what song would you choose?

13 Responses

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  2. Terri1 says:

    That's the greatest thing about creativity through various forms of expression. Floor, wall songs, or words is just another unique form way of decorating. This speaks to some styles and not for others, but we can appreciate all the different creative expressions. For me, the English Wong collection might be more my style.

  3. Rosalie says:

    I would choose Everyday People by Sly and The Family Stone as a reminder that the world is a wonderful place filled with all sorts of people.

  4. R Stock says:

    Somehow I don't feel welcomed by such a loud decor. It almost shouts "No room, no room! This place is for US, YOU go away!" What would I use? Probably a soft color with words in pearlized glaze: "…be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

  5. MARI LOGAN says:

    my walls would sing you put the hurt on me

  6. Twila says:

    if by bread we had it sung at our wedding, would put it in the masterbed room

  7. Amy-Purehome says:

    I love the look of this! Just got anxious thinking about what song I would pick – too many good ones to choose from. Ha! I'd like to be able to change my song easily with the seasons!

  8. Life Should Be 3D says:

    The words to "No Other Love" <a href="http://(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjDqMftHbKI)” target=”_blank”>(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjDqMftHbKI) — on the wall of the bedroom, of course! This was sung at our wedding.

  9. Lori says:

    Cool idea- and I agree with Marianne… I want to touch it.
    I don't know that I could do it. I'm a commitment phob. I have no idea what song I would choose! Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'? Cream's 'White Room'?

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