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From a designer ahead of his time, this piece was released seven years before George Lucas’s American epic space opera series, Star Wars.

designer baby

Could both creatives have been influenced by NASA’s 1970′s emerging Viking spacecraft excursions to Mars?  Guess the designer, guess the object.  We’ll reveal the answer to this UFO tomorrow!


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  1. Jolene says:

    Ummm – a baby bassinet?! That'd be some futuristic little child. As far as designers, I have no idea, so I'll just go with Eames.

  2. Marianne@HGTV says:

    Ooh, yes, I was thinking a kind of Kubrick-esque crib!

  3. MizzyD says:

    An M&M bowl!

  4. JayKittle says:

    a Sith baby cradle

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  6. Mary Wiseman says:

    I'm going to guess a Fritz Hansen baby cradle.

  7. Amy-Purehome says:

    Definitely looks like some sort of baby bassinet to me too…no idea on the designer, but obviously someone who is all about modern design!

  8. Dessie Foor says:

    It's a table lamp

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