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Sometimes I wish I lived in a small ivy-covered English cottage. Wouldn’t it be cozy? Reading great novels, eating tiny egg & cress or cucumber sandwiches with no crusts! As it is, my apartment is no cottage, and there’d be nothing to train the ivy on…unless I had one of these Screen-Pots.

screen pot

The steel grates are great (har) for helping climbing plants to take hold, though I think it’d still look striking and graphic without any vines winding through it. Perhaps my dream of some quaint ivy is attainable after all. In that case, I think I’ll have another spot of tea, please.

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  1. Marie says:

    I LOVE these — with or without the plants.

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  3. guest002 says:

    omg i want this how do i order?

  4. KathyM says:

    I so want these!!!!!

  5. Francois Clerc says:

    Thanks, the Screen-Pot will be ready soon. http://www.decastelli.it/site/prodotto.php?id=63&…
    Francois Clerc – Product designer <a href="http://www.clercdesign.com” target=”_blank”>www.clercdesign.com

  6. nelamburghost says:

    it's unique.

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