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Thanksgiving is just two days away. That’s a mere 48 hours until it’s time for turkey, pie and that show-stopping centerpiece.Oh, you don’t have a centerpiece planned? You’re in luck: We’ve got one that’s colorful, unexpected and best of all, you can pick up most of the ingredients while you’re at the market retrieving those forgotten cranberries.

Edible Centerpiece
I’m not talking skewers of pineapple and a watermelon carved in the shape of a turkey. Think vibrant red cabbage leaves, plum-hued onions, beets and shiny aubergines alongside cheery lettuces and apples. Fashion these farm-fresh veggies into a bouquet, then set it between two of your most combative relatives. They’ll be so busy admiring the baby green blooms and cornhusk flowers that they won’t have time to discuss the failings of the government…or your gravy. Well, you can dream, right? Get the full how-to here >>

Make a Sophisticated Fruit and Veggie Centerpiece

While you’re shopping the produce section, grab some bright red pears.  Arrange them in a bowl near  your entryway for more edible flair, or use a few to dress up this rustic rectangular wreath. Happy crafting — and eating!

Fall Wreath



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  2. Rhyscurrency says:

    Kathy Ferguson needs to be honest and tell consumers that EA does not have special fruit fields. Stores order their fruit from fruit wholesalers that all the supermarket and small stores buy from. I worked at an EA and if we ran out of fruit, I went to the supermarket. EA arrangements do not have anything special about the fruit.

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