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We’d like to welcome sisters and designers Amie and Jolie Sikes – better known to their legions of fans as The Junk Gypsies. Amie and Jolie’s new show will premiere on HGTV  on Sunday, November 27, but this Friday night, HGTV fans can get an exclusive sneak peek with an online video premiere of Junk Gypsies over on our HGTV Facebook page.

In advance of Friday’s Facebook premiere, we asked Jolie to join us at Design Happens for a guest post and to share a little bit about what makes the Junk Gypsy design aesthetic so special.

The Design Happens Team


Hi y’all. My name is Jolie Sikes-Smith, and together with my big sister Amie Sikes we are the women behind The Junk Gypsy Company, a Texas-based interior design studio and retail gallery.

Over the years, Amie and I have developed a design style that’s eclectic, yet also recognizable. We tend to work with a palette of vibrant colors, and we pull together the chic with the shabby, and the down-home with the upscale in a way that our clients tell us is both liveable and inspiring.

Jolie Sikes-Smith and Amie Sikes of The Junk Gypsies

Me and Amie

We come by the word “junk” honestly because where many other designers see throwaway items, we see potential. Our rooms combine chippy-peely flea market furniture with elegant chandeliers, and you will also find some hippie Texas flair thrown in for good measure. The Junk Gypsy look is southern fried cowgirl pride (after all, we really are native Texans!) combined with a dash of Moulin Rouge eccentricity, and we always seek to create spaces that really reflect the people who live there.

Over the 12 years that Amie and I have been creating and refining Junk Gypsy style together, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients, including country artists Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert's Airstream Trailer, Exterior

Here are some shots of the design we created for Miranda’s Airstream trailer. She loves it and so do we!

Miranda Lambert's Airstream Trailer, Interior

We were also so honored when Miranda asked us to create the look for her recent wedding to Blake Shelton.

Shelton Wedding Reception by the Junk Gypsies

We are also so honored to now be part of the HGTV family. As longtime HGTV fans ourselves, both Amie and I are very excited to offer y’all a sneak peak of our new show over on the HGTV Facebook page. We hope you will join us this Friday night for some Junk-Gypsy style inspiration!


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