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Can’t you see yourself enjoying dinner with friends and family in one of these gorgeous dining rooms? (I know I can!) Vote for your favorite space in the poll below the photos and we’ll publish the results in the second issue of HGTV MAGAZINE — on sale in January!

Dining Room #1 – Colorful + Eclectic

Meg Adams Dining Room

Design by Meg Adams

Dining Room #2 – Clean + Contemporary

Matthew Leverone Dining Room

Design by Matthew Leverone

Living Room #3 – New Traditional

Katie Ridder Dining Room

Dining Room by Katie Ridder

More Rooms by Katie Ridder

Living Room #4 – Mid-Century Modern

Beth Haley Dining Room

Dining Room by Beth Haley

More Rooms by Beth Haley

After you vote, leave a comment telling us why you love your favorite room and you might see your comment in the magazine, too!


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144 Responses

  1. Kristina says:

    Love the New Traditional with the refreshing paint color on the moldings, the happy modern wallpaper and the perfect balance of warm and cool colors!

  2. Carol says:

    I chose the eclectic because of the chandelier, but frankly, I think the room is not decorated appropriately to support it except for the marble tabletop. The other dining rooms look more like kitchen eating areas to me, and I'd feel like I need to unpack and move the real furniture in to make them look like dining rooms.

  3. patricia christensen says:

    Definitely "clean & contemporary! Round tables are wonderful for conversation!

  4. susan says:

    Would love the eclectic chandelier in the clean contemporary dining room

  5. @ChicModern says:

    I went with the mid-century modern because I love the sleek uncluttered space. it would be all about the food and the people I'm eating with.

  6. Denise504 says:

    NEITHER one of them is PRETTY, whatever happened to real dining rooms, the kind I was raised with ?

  7. Dana Hill says:

    I love the colors and simplicity of this dining area. Makes me want to have a seat and enjoy a great meal!

  8. Alice Davis says:

    The Color and Electic looks like they couldn't make up their minds between bedroom and Dining room.
    The Clean and Contemporary has a small plastic looking table that looks like it should be in a kitchen it's not even big enough for all the stuff on it.
    The New Traditional is all wall paper and Moldings. I didn't even notice the table and chairs. Did it have a light fixture?
    My vote goes to " Mid Century Modern".! It looks like a dining room I would be comfortable in and would still like to show off with Dinner parties.

  9. Paula says:

    I agree Joy & Marlene… the Eclectic dining room is beautiful and looks like a place where I'd love to spend some time, even after the meal has finished and just hanging around with family and friends. It looks so comfortable and has a good mix of styles – Elegant (chairs, sideboard, lamps) but not stuffy (ottomans, table legs, painted tonge and groove)!

  10. @elzabdesign says:

    Hi, I chose Room 1, the eclectic over the rest. Not an easy choice but there is a coziness emanating from that room,. There is a sense of comfort thanks to the mixed yet elegant seating elements, a sense of whimsy and glamour with the huge chandelier, an old world feel with the gilded mirror frame and lamp bases, and a restfulness thanks to the plants/green elements. I find the color scheme a little too beige but it works. My favorite wall color was the peacock blue Mid Century room but overall I felt the table and chairs in that room as in room 2 were just too streamlined. Room 3, New traditional, has too much going on print/color wise, although I could appreciate the lovely wall paper and aqua trim detail.

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