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Heigh-ho, Briana the design blogger here! Did you see The Muppets in theaters over the holiday weekend? I haven’t seen it yet, so, no spoilers in the comments, please. I’m just glad that a new generation gets to enjoy the same characters I loved when I was growing up. I think Blik realizes there’s about to be a new generation of fans too, based on the line of four new Muppet wall decals they’ve released.

muppet crew decal

Wall decals are a fun and (relatively) inexpensive way to brighten up a kid’s room. The Muppet crew decal is cheeky here in a white hallway, but all I can think is how perfect it would be in a playroom or even as a makeshift headboard for a child’s bed/daybed. It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the Muppets on your own wall tonight!

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  1. Kayla@HGTV says:

    Where's Jason Segal?! I know these are technically for kids' rooms and he's not a Muppet, but he should be in there somewhere ;)

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  3. redbpower says:

    what a great, inexpensive way to brighten a room. love it. and, highly recommend the movie especially if you were a fan of the original muppet show.

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