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I’ve shared before that Ken and I have a tendency to ignore the finishing touches on one project in order to move on to bigger and better projects. And when you’re renovating, there are always bigger and better projects. Which is precisely why there are no doors hanging inside our home.

Correction: there is a door to the guest bathroom, because we like to consider ourselves both hospitable and somewhat considerate. Yet throughout the rest of the home? Nothing. And we’ve been doing a very good job of living with our open door policy – until we realized that for Christmas, we’ll be hosting a slew of family members who might appreciate having a door on their bedroom.

Renovation Photos- Erin Loechner

Procrastination no more - it's time to hang the doors and trim!

So, this week has been the week of hanging doors, which isn’t the funnest topic to write about, but bears mentioning for a few reasons:

1. In my opinion, the hardware is everything. (We chose Emtek’s line, which is both gorgeous and affordable.) You can hang the cheapest of doors (we did!), but if your hardware is statement-making, the door takes a back seat. I like to consider door hardware the chunky metal necklace that can dress up even the plainest of white tees.

2. As usual, we’ll take any opportunity to get quirky. Because our laundry room houses a toilet (weird, I know!), we often direct guests to this room rather than sending them to the back of the house where the real guest bathroom exists. And because the laundry room is adjacent to the garage door, there are many clarifications as to which door the toilet lies behind. So, in an effort to direct our guests to precisely the right place, behold:

Renovation Photos- Erin Loechner

Ah, there's the restroom!

I scored these wooden dolls at a craft store a few months ago and couldn’t wait to transform them into a DIY restroom sign. With black spray paint, the process took 20 minutes – and the result gives us lots of giggles and questioning glances – two of our favorite things!

We’re in love with the quirky touch this door brings to our home and are already brainstorming fun ways to dress up the rest of our doors.

Renovation Photos- Erin Loechner

Definitely the weirdest DIY I've ever completed.

What about you, friends? Do you think of your doors as blank canvases, or are they strictly utilitarian? Spill below!


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16 Responses

  1. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    I LOVE it, you cutie! So great & I have something on our half bathroom door too, to avoid confusion. A little chalkboard sign that says "The loo" :)

  2. Christiana says:

    So cute, Erin!

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  4. Erin Loechner says:

    So cute, Melissa!!!!

  5. Betsy King says:

    So cute! Love it!!!! The door knobs are so nice.

    Next up, please tell Ken to work on the gate to the stairs! Excited to see what is up your sleeves! Jossy's request. Ha! ;-D

  6. erin loechner says:

    Aren't they great, AmyKS? I love those door handles!

  7. Lori says:

    I've always just ignored doors… but with how people are using starch mixtures to hang fabric on walls (and doors) I'm starting to rethink leaving it blank.

  8. Linda says:

    I have an embroidered sign on my bathroom door….it reads… " Necessary Room "

  9. rebecca says:

    Love the handles! We're looking to use something very similar and learned that the brand we were looking at had a separate lock, not integrated into the handle. From what I can see in your photo, there's a pin hole on the exterior. Does the interior of your door handle have a small lock? Is it a push button? Integrated into the rosette? Thanks :)

  10. titermogas says:

    lol .. good

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