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I have been a huge fan of David Bromstad ever since he appeared on Season 1 of HGTV Design Star. I love David’s natural talent for design and how he creates beautiful, original artwork for the homeowners whose spaces he transforms. Earlier this month David showcased his artistic talent at Art Basel Miami, one of the world’s largest art shows.

Photographer Michael Murphy

HGTV and HGTV Magazine co-sponsored David’s exhibition, Body, Money, Death, which was held at the Z Ocean Hotel in South Beach, where he transformed the hotel’s lobby into “The Bromstad” for three days.

Photographer Michael Murphy

David brought his signature style with colorful chandeliers and custom furnishings that he created in his South Florida studio. His art was then displayed throughout the hotel lounge and common areas.

Photographer Michael Murphy

In his own words, ”The inspiration for the paintings and furniture pieces in this exhibition are the three things that we worry about most in life – our body, money and death. The imagery here reflects on my own personal struggle with body and money issues, as well as mortality, throughout my life.”

Photographer Michael Murphy

Unique images of hunting targets, grenades and even fast food were presented, all in eye-catching pop art-style. Although the subjects were serious, David’s sense of humor and whimsy were also present and shined through each piece.

Photographer Michael Murphy

The evening was definitely a success with so many from the Miami art community present as well as some very special friends from HGTV – fellow design stars Meg Caswell and Emily Henderson.

For more on David’s work and this incredible exhibit be sure to check out his site, Bromstad.com.


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18 Responses

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  2. russell slouck says:

    I was in Miami for Art Basel and am sorry to say this.. { Davids } exibit was of no importance…and the images
    all have been here before. They were well executed, but of no artistic merit. David is a wonderful tv personality, and his show is top notch….. This attempt was lost on me. Russell

  3. julie says:

    congrats david i just love everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Susan says:

    The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want – it seems Mr Bromstad is going to move along in artistic paintings and design – he has finally "gotten it off his chest" go canvas go – design also – as the move to miami so is this new artisic move good luck in 2012 – he restoreth my soul praise is to God in Jesus name

    Looking forward to seeing*****************

  5. yhen says:

    hi David

    Good job keep it up!!!…i love everything u've done.

  6. ai-ai says:

    i've seen your show and i learned everything you've done.. actually i apply most of your designs in my house..i wish you can come in my place and do some makeover..hehehe.

  7. TONI MOORE says:

    I love your artwork. You are the BEST designer on HGTV. I wish your show would come to the Orlando area and do a room in my house. I even have a guest room for you to stay in if you want. I can't afford to hire you, but sure wish I could.

    hugs from Toni Moore, Howey in the Hills, Fl 34737

  8. Shannon Deal says:

    Hi David, my name is Shannon Deal I live in Freeport, Bahamas. I am about to purchase 5 bedroom home and it needs quite a bit of design work especially the kitchen and bathrooms. I love your work and your incredible use of color. When I purchase the house I would like to bring you to the Bahamas to design it for me.

  9. Jill R Graham says:

    I love you….but I don't love your Miami location. I liked your original staff and show. What happened to those people? I saw design star when you won and I thought you were the best and I still think you are, but the Miami show is not the same. Again….what happened to your people like, Danielle and Ian?

  10. Renee says:

    I love the Maimi location! The old location was not David's personality at all and it felt forced. Having the clients pull inspiration from Maimi's famous locations is brillant. Rock on David! I't so you!!

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