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Pantone’s 2012 color of the year is a rich, spicy, warm and energizing hue: Tangerine Tango.  A shade that looks good on absolutely anything, from walls to furniture to accessories. It can mix with a variety of diverse colors, from bright fuchsia to pastel shades like mint. Tangerine Tango is the hue that’s going to enliven your space in the new year.


You may have seen this reddish-orange color popping up in your favorite interior design mags and on blogs over the past year. It’s fantastic on linens, patterned accessories and pieces that you want to give a one-of-a-kind look, like this custom headboard.

via Belle Maison

Traditionally an autumn color, Tangerine Tango has the ability to last all year long when paired with today’s most popular neutrals like white and gray.

via Design Like

Tangerine Tango marries red and warm yellow to deliver this delicious orange hue, so try mixing it with shades that complement red and yellow. Tiffany blues and grassy greens would be a great match. You’ll also find that it fits right in with shades of maroon and pink, as well as deep marigold.

The easiest way to energize your interior with this bright color is through accessories. Your favorite stores already have items in this color in stock for the New Year. CB2′s Parlour Tangerine Chair may be all the Tangerine Tango you need in a room. As you can see, it’s a show-stopper in this bright, textured fabric.

At Anthropologie the Fruiteria Base table lamp has a mix of yellow, orange and tangerine. It’s a fun way to bring just a little bit of this citrusy shade home.

And West Elm marries Tangerine Tango and bronze in this beautiful Turned-Leg Nightstand.  The spicy shade transforms the traditional lines of this piece, giving it a modern feel. Use it as a nightstand, or a side table.

See more of my favorite Tangerine Tango accessories on my HGTV Color Crush: Tangerine Tango Pinterest board. And let me know what you think of Pantone’s new color of the year. How are you planning to bring this bright color home?


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26 Responses

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  2. Danielle says:

    Love the punch of this color but hate the way it keeps us in Retro pop land, want to see Kelly Wearstler's version to make up my mind about Tangerine!

  3. Christina says:

    What a great color. And it looks fun when paired with bright pinks. Quite the trend for spring.


  4. [...] • Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango, described as a “rich, spicy, warm, and energizing hue.” Orange you glad they didn’t say banana yellow? [...]

  5. ellen says:

    Its a great color something to think about.

    • aventura says:

      Obviously, there are a number of HGTV subscribers upset by the House Hunters and House Hunters International. I agree that the programming "whiz" kids who came up with this strategy have seen a market-share increase for the DIY Network.

      However, HGTV used to be about the viewers and displayed a cross-section of programming that reflected the viewers. This new marketing strategy doesn't appear to support what HGTV formerly represented to their viewers.

  6. JoK says:

    Why can't we see stuff like this on HGTV instead of 24/7 of House Hunters??? I've quit watching…

    • Sandra says:

      Ditto for me, too. The network's idea for holiday programming (without fail) is to run House Hunters International nonstop — it's even worse than House Hunters. Evidently, the powers that be do not mind the loss in market share. Right now, I have my television on A&E — Sell This House and Flip This House — at least there's a little bit of decorating tips to be found — and there's no constant whining about the house not being perfect!

    • Janet Gray says:

      As a long time viewer of HGTV I absolutely am excited when I see House Hunter's International! I've learned so much from the areas shown, the beauty, the culture, the Amercians who are buying different properties all over the World and what they look for, etc. I'm retired and really have little time to view HGTV as much as I would like, but I could not just watch House Hunters when I turn on. I've got my husband watching HHI and surprisingly, enjoying it also. It has produced much conversation on areas we would never have thought to even vacation in. So, thank HGTV for this wonderful segment of your total program. I would miss it terribly. Thank you.

  7. Bonnie Hickman says:

    I'm definately with you JoK!! I understand there needs to be something for everyone, but H and G means home and garden to me, not lets live somewhere else. I love this network, but when I get to sit down in the evening, I rarely get to see anything except House Hunters, and I was so hoping to watch some cool, redecorate, renew, reuse stuff today. Maybe the program directors have new thoughts for the new year.

    • Sandra says:

      I doubt it on the "new thoughts for the new year." I've been complaining for over a year and all they do is program more House Hunters et al.

  8. Bonnie Hickman says:

    Hi Jok,

    I sent a note to HGTV agreeing with your comment about House Hunters. I would love to see some cool redecorating and remodeling stuff. House Hunters is on way too much. Happy New Year!

    • Sandra says:

      Did you suggest they read the blogs? You can't look at one of these without seeing how upset the HGTV fans are over the House Hunters,etc. shows.

  9. Sandra says:

    One more thing: I believe all the House Hunter type shows are in an effort to drive the viewers to the DIY network. What they are not taking into account is that not everyone's cable provider has it on the line up.

  10. Gail says:

    Love this color, I have it on my walls behind the bookcase. Also on pillows and drapes. I'm attracted the Retro style.

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