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Let’s all raise a glass to 2012, a year that’s full of promise! In honor of  the many parties we’ll attend this month and the heady feeling of endless possibilities a new year brings, we selected a color that’s fresh, effervescent and downright bubbly.

Wanna know what it is?

Pink Champagne!

Champagne Pink Living Room and Bedroom1. Canadian House & Home   2. Plush Palate

“No longer relegated to baby nurseries, today’s Pink Champagne is a whisper of a color, fast becoming a new neutral. Rich when paired with black, camel, or metallics in particular — Pink Champagne is an unexpected and utterly lovely choice for the revelry of January.” —Marianne Canada, HGTV Home Studio

Tattered Champagne Pink Sofa and Grapefruit Cocktail1.  apartment therapy  2. Gourmet

“I’ve never been much of a ‘girly-girl,’ but I’m so drawn to this refined shade. It’s sweet without being cloying and soft without being boring. It works equally well for walls and sofas as it does for lips and nails. I’ll raise my flute of pink champagne to that!” —Briana Mowrey, Senior Online Editor

Champagne Pink Headboard and Sofa1. This is Glamorous   2. Style Me Grasie

“To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a soft, feminine shade of pink. Whether it’s in a luxurious bedroom or an elegant living room with chocolate accents, I could literally surround myself in a sea of gold and champagne pink in any room in the house. And to think that only years ago I swore off all-things pink!” – Kayla Kitts, Assistant Editor 

Champagne Pink Sofa and Bedroom1. hgtv.com   2. Celerie Kemble, Kemble Interiors

“January is a time for celebration and rejuvenation, and champagne pink represents that very well. The soft pink tone brings a refreshing, cheerful touch to any space and can add elegance when paired with the right color.” —Farima Alavi, Assistant Editor

So, have we inspired you to ”think pink” and add a splash of the bubbly to your decor?

64 Responses

  1. nicki lee says:

    To step back from my busy life and enjoy my family after all they are whats really important to me in life

  2. Pam says:

    To show love to my family as if every day is my last! To help others more.

  3. Susan P. says:

    My resolution for this year is to get moving! I need to start walking to get ready for my hiking vacation with my sister in June.

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  5. Christina says:

    A perfect color for the New Year. I especially love the headboards. So pretty and elegant,


  6. Sheila says:

    Too Girly! I have 3 boys a husband and 2 golden retrievers there is no place in my home for that color.

  7. Jackie says:

    I makes me think of my grandmother or even my great grand mother! Way too girly and pale.

  8. Julie says:

    This isn't for me

  9. doris Elia says:

    Must say it is the prettiest color of recent months, but the orange pink I do not care for. But I am using a lot of soft pastel pinks right now in my home and I love them

  10. S. says:

    I love it..but it might be too feminine for the main area, with guys living in it too..I have one bedroom and bathroom, in what I call ANTIQUE PINK..it is a little "dustier" than this:) It looks wonderful with chocolate brown and silver accents..

H. Camille SmithCamille is a managing editor for HGTV.com, fine artist and antique furniture devotee. As a former interior designer and Nickelodeon animator, she has a real passion for balanced, beautiful interiors...


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