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Check out one of my favorite design trends: felt. Affordable, natural and recyclable, felt is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabrics. It can be dyed any color and molded into any shape, making it a favorite for everything from lights to pillows to furniture.

Philadelphia-based company Iannone Design has taken the felt design trend to a new level, placing color blocks of wool felt onto their Chroma Armoire.

At FilzFelt, you can customize felt floor coverings, panels and tabletop accessories in your favorite Pantone colors. Their Wool Felt Circle Mat comes in more than 30 vibrant shades, making it an ideal way to add a pop of color to your floors.

The Wool Felt Placemat is durable and moisture-resistant, making it the perfect fabric for kids.

Rebecca Barton of Cushlab crafts felt into distinct shapes — origami, florals and loops — to create her unique line of cushions.

The colors in Rebecca’s collection of cushions are brilliant. Hot pink and red blend in this fun and eye-catching pink-and-red loop cushion.

Gray felt and polished nickel come together to create a Short Drum Pendant from West Elm.

And with felt’s ability to mold to different forms, Buzzilight created this striking pendant.

Got a favorite design in felt? Tell me in the comments below.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I also like the old shows…House Hunters – the people (especially the young people) want it all and they want it now and they want to insult people with their offers. MOST OF ALL, I miss Sandra Rinomato (already) from Property Virgins. Why can't HGTV put out some kind of news clip about why Sandra is no longer on the show. Was it her choice? As for Egypt Sherrod, not impressed.

  2. Chris says:

    Where is Sandra Rinomato???? She is one of my very favorites and why I love Property Virgins! Let's get her back!!!!

    • Caroline says:

      I agree, not going to watch the new Property Virgins. That Egypt is boring and condescending. In fact, I'm tired of all the changes in HGTV and don't enjoy or watch it much anymore at all. I want Sandra back, too.

  3. Ginny says:

    Please WAKE UP HGTV!!! You are losing loyal fans!!! If you continue with the current programs, HGTV will be a thing of the past.. When I started watching HGTV years ago, Carol Deval was the craft queen. I loved learning from her, she was so real. When a craft she was working on did not turn out as planned , it kind of made me feel good because that is the kind of mistakes we the veiwers would also make. We need to see more decorating shows using inexpensive materials that LOOKS expensive with step by step instructions. Please listen to your fans, we can't all be wrong.

  4. Sandra says:

    Happy to see more people are voicing their disappointment with HGTV. I have been complaining about House Hunters and the HH knockoffs ad nauseum for over a year. It is clearly evident that the producers at HGTV do not care what the viewers want. I have pointed out over and over and over again that they are losing market share. I believe they are attempting to drive the viewers to the DIY Network, but what they failed to take into consideration is that not everyone has access to that channel. Perhaps they will wake up to the fact that they have totally alienated their once-loyal viewers, but by then all of us will have found something better to do with our time — I've already switched my default channel from HGTV to another one.

  5. jackie says:

    ditto to everyone's laments. Though I do have a fantasy that Holmes will ride into my old, less than well constructed 1947 home and make it safe and attractive, I miss Candace ( and her great crew) and D on a D, Kim and the other creative people who made the channel worth watching. Now PBS "Create" offers more thoughtful programming. Why would you go and change what wasn't broken?

  6. Disappointed says:

    HGTV had been just about the only channel we watched for many years. Now, we NEVER watch HGTV. Same old same old. Rerun after rerun, old segments with old styles, how many former fans really want to buy in faraway places and what average family is buying in this recession anyhow? Producers are missing a huge opportunity, especially in this poor economy, to create shows for revitalizing spaces, furnishings, gardens, making the most of what they have or updating at little cost. I guess those in TV responsible for content and programming are well set and live on another planet from the rest of the world. Those huge salaries keep them from having the big budgets necessary to create interesting shows. There's no money, other than hotel and airfare for the host/ess required for a realtor following people around looking at houses and rentals. No cost to them to rerun shows, either. Those big muckymuks have to maintain their huge paychecks. Their assumption that their audience will keep watching regardless is wrong. I see an opportunity for a fresh, new channel for other producers who "get it."

  7. Pine for DESIGN!!! says:

    I also used to be an HGTV fan but no more… (House Hunters is on ENDLESSLY… I'm sure it's inexpensive to produce but it's also VERY boring). The show with the man in the undershirt (Holmes) is depressing. Liked David Bromstadt BEFORE he changed crews and cities.

    I will watch HGTV again when they bring back actual DESIGN shows!!! Candace Olson & Sarah Richardson are great…Christopher Lowell from a few years ago was very good. I like Designers' Challenge and Bang for Your Buck type shows. Also think the girl who was Bromstadt's painter on his old show would possibly be a good co-host. Years ago there was a show hosted by Joy Philbin called Haven (I think it was before HGTV) where she toured nicely decorated (real people) homes each week. Loved it!. Why doesn't HGTV bring a "magazine shoot in video" to their channel similar to that show? I want to see nice, interesting, attainable design in real homes (not how much weird stuff can be done for under $1000 or endless House Hunters…). Also annoying is how most shows REPEAT so much…we know you're just filling time to keep costs down. P.S. I do like Selling New York and probably would like Selling L.A. but have never seen it because I've stopped watching the channel …. because HOUSE HUNTERS is ALWAYS on!!! Enough said…hope someone at HGTV listens to all the comments that are being posted! If they don't, the advertisers will.

  8. shalynn says:

    i agree….as of right now….there are 32 house hunters and 36 house hunter intl scheduled thru next sat that is 68 total shows for a total of 34 hours of that ridiculous show….

  9. shannon says:

    so i thought i would try watching the revamped design on a dime….i think it is a no go. can't get into the new host and carpenter….i liked the show much better when it was a team effort and miss all the other host/designer teams….bring them back please…

  10. Jeannie says:

    I was so glad to see all of these comments. Obviously I am not alone in thinking that HGTV's programming has a lot to be desired! It seems that every time I turn to that station, either House Hunters' Intl., or Holmes on Homes is on. Once or twice a week would be fine, but I am absolutely SICK of these marathons! I don't know if the people in charge of programming are lazy or just plain inept,but programming does not seem to be their forte. Hopefully HGTV will fire them, or relocate them to another department, and put in someone with a little imagination. There are so many good shows that they could be running, instead of those two all the time. Also, I don't know why they bother to call themselves" House and GARDEN Television" anymore. There aren't any GARDENING shows on! What happened to Paul James's Gardening by the Yard, or Gardeners Diary, or Landscapers Challenge, or any of the others? I also agree with Ginny. I miss Carol Duval. There are no crafting shows anymore. Personally, I love the decorating shows. I wish they'd bring back Decorating Cents. I got so many ideas and how- to's from that show. Designed to Sell is also great for that. With the economy like it is, many people are looking for inexpensive decorating ideas and projects. Let's bring back shows Like Double Take and Sensible Chic. The staging shows are good also. I see houses all the time that I know have been sitting on the market for mo's. There are plenty of people who can use shows like that. There are many good shows that I would rather watch reruns of than the junk they carry now. I am like many of you who used to be addicted to HGTV, and now watch little on it. But, please watch it long enough to find out who their advertisers are. I plan to start contacting them and telling them that I no longer watch that channel much, because the programming is so terrible, and apparently others are doing the same thing. They may want to advertise on a channel that people ARE watching. If HGTV loses enough viewers and advertisers, they might finally get the message.

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