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My apartment is full of glass mason jars. My boyfriend and I have gone through various artisanal food phases like pickling or making bitters (insert eye roll at us here), but now there are just too many. I like to use jars as vases, but sometimes that means cutting the flowers down to itty-bitty size, lest they droop. But not with this soft “lace vase” from Milk Design.

lace vase

Since it’s made from rubber, the lacy neck can stretch to fit on jars and bottles of different sizes, and it helps keep flowers upright. Which is good news for me, because I don’t think I’ll be using those jars for jellies or jams anytime soon. (At least not until June, according to this NY harvest calendar.) (Insert another eye roll at me here for good measure.)

[Via: Bltd]

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  1. Marianne@HGTV says:

    This is pretty brilliant right here.

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