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I did it: I made The List. In an ambitious fervor that could have only been brought on by the combination of a new house, a new year and a long weekend, I galloped from room to room writing down everything I wanted to do, short term and long term, at my new home. (Believe me, there’s lots to be done.)

When I finished the double-sided, multi-columned list, I learned three things: 1) I really need to send more handwritten letters (it took my wrist several hours to un-cramp), 2) There’s a ridiculous amount I want to accomplish, and 3) I need a room-by-room, concrete plan.

Right now, I’m prioritizing The List (like many of you said I should), but I’m also doing something a little more fun: Scouring the web for inspiration. Here are some of my go-to renovation blogs and resources — check ‘em out, then tell me your faves!

Real Renovations at HGTVRemodels

Justine Rubin and Robin Finch's charcoal kitchen on HGTVRemodels

Real Renovations on HGTVRemodels
Okay, I’m a little biased since this is HGTV’s  newest sister site, but what I love are the amazing remodels from real homeowners — like this kitchen in Justine Rubin and Robin Finch’s airy home. (Plus, check out our blogger Bryan Patrick Flynn’s amazing basement remodel.)

Erin and Ken Loechner - Dining Room

Erin and Ken Loechner's finished dining room

Erin and Ken Loechner’s Scandinavian Reno
It’s been so inspiring to watch Erin and Ken’s Scandinavian-inspired reno unfold right here on Design Happens. Even though I’m planning to use quite a bit more color in my home, I love their DIY spirit and the way they transform ordinary objects into chic designer accessories — plywood stockings, anyone?

Young House Love

What a lovely living room! Photo via Young House Love

It’s easy to see why this renovation blog is super-popular — homeowners Sherry and John write not only about their successes (like their blue-and-green living room) but also their not-so-successful projects (their greenish-yellow living room.) Plus, they’ve already remodeled one house — if they can do it, I can too!

The Home Project wallpaper

Vintage maps in custom frames on The Home Project.

The Home Project
Like Josh and me, The Home Project blogger Linn and her husband are pretty new to remodeling — they purchased their first home this past summer.  Also like them, our home has dated decor but no major system needs. It’s inspiring to see their projects big and small unfold (like the vintage maps, above) and I’m hoping they can help me avoid a few rookie mistakes, too.

Retro Renovation Photo Via the New York Times

Pam of Retro Renovation, in her retro kitchen. Photo by Nancy Palmieri for The New York Times

Retro Renovation
This site is a one-stop shop for people who are remodeling retro homes. Since mine was built in 1957 and I hope to maintain its midcentury charm, posts on everything from flooring to before-and-afters to appropriate period carpet are super inspirational.  And the editor, Pam, has amazing style as well — check out her fun aqua kitchen!  

Pinterest Board-HGTV Liz

My home inspiration board on Pinterest.

And of Course, Pinterest
For anyone not using Pinterest, it’s the most addictive thing since chocolate chip cookies (Sure, I can go back for just one more...).  Follow my home inspiration board to see what I’m planning — as you can see, I’ve got a major thing for yellow.

26 Responses

  1. Rachael says:

    oh how i dream of having a saarinen set in my dining room!

    rachael http://thethriftypicker.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Liz, I'm so glad that you found my site. I look forward to watching as you update (backdate?) your home in ways sympathetic to its 1957 style. :)

  3. lapearce says:

    I really wish I had made a list. I have a list… in my head. And accomplishing it has not been in an efficient room, by room, matter. seven weeks of work I have yet to completely finish an entire room, except for the laundry room that just needed paint. Everyone who says take it room by room is completely on point! But I also advocate for doing things in steps if you can't afford what you really want right now. If you want a bathroom remodel, but can't afford it, a gallon of paint and new hardware can go a long way, even if the room stays in the "to be completed" column for a while longer.

    • Liz_HGTV says:

      It's not too late to make one! I'm not really an expert, but I feel much more organized having done one. It has big and small things so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something even when it's not huge. We'll see how effective it is in actually helping me get things done!

  4. Janet M says:

    Design sponge is one of my go to sites. ESP the sneak peak feature on Mondays http://m.designsponge.com/category/sneak-peeks

  5. zola chapman says:

    I would like to see some mobile home renovations or a whole program. There would be a lot of us interested I am always trying to change something an upgrading the look.

  6. Any upgrade you do is great as long as you like it. But how weird I think we all are a fan of sneak peeks :o

  7. jamiefrades says:

    I wish I would have this kind of kitchen and living room renovations same like the kitchen cabinets toronto

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