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At the start of the New Year, my husband I hosted a New Year’s Eve celebration. We served the food buffet style, laying out desserts and small tastes, but we were missing one thing for our event — a bar cart. While I have a bar on my deck for outdoor parties, in my small apartment there just isn’t room for a full bar set-up. A cute little cart that could serve as a multifunctional piece would be fantastic. So, of course, being a design-minded person I took to the internet, diving in to discover what kind of bar carts are out there, and which ones would be the perfect fit for a small space. Here are some glamorous carts in a range of cool finishes that I have added to my wish list.

via Style Redux

I love this simple black cart and how it becomes an accessory in this black and white living room. If you place it next to a side char, it could even be used as a side table or additional furniture when space is tight.

Design Manifest :: Photographer Courtney Apple

For a little bit of Hollywood glam, this bar cart featured in the home of interior designer Naomi Stein caught my eye. It has a fantastic 1930′s look. The three tiers are also great. This cart can work overtime, holding everything from cocktails to dishes and glassware for upcoming parties.

BO BEDRE :: Photographer Per Kjaerbye

Not every bar has to be the center of attention. This beautiful mirrored cabinet is able to do double-duty. On the inside it has plenty of space to hold wines and mixers. And when closed, it can transform into a functional sideboard. I would definitely dress it up as a credenza, and place additional lighting and candles for when guests arrive.

I am a fan of bar carts in bright hues, like the Tipple Trolley from Society Social in classic Hermes-orange. It’s a great fit for a small living room like mine. This cart can be stocked with the bare necessities — glassware, an ice bucket, olives and swizzle sticks to keep the party going.

Matchbook Magazine :: Photographer Rachel McGinn

Now that I’ve found some pretty bar carts, I need to spend some time thinking about bar accessories. I thought I would share this bar I created for a Matchbook Magazine rooftop deck shoot. I stocked it to the gills with everything I needed for an outdoor party, from a signature drink, to lemons, limes and glassware. You can click play for some of my tips on creating the perfect bar cart for entertaining.


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18 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Our fave secret weapon. Bar carts are so versatile. Just to add to the mix, his beautiful cart made of zebra wood is the perfect mobile party. Martinis not provided! http://interiorconnector.com/product/rona-landman

  2. Simone says:

    I also love portable bars and bar carts. These are gorgeous, particularly the mirrored one. A very nice post.

  3. Jiouxleigh says:

    This concept is new to me and an exciting opportunity to create. Thanks.

  4. DeeAnna says:

    I found a bar cart at Goodwill and turned it into my very own coffee cart! http://alittlejunkinmytrunk.blogspot.com/2010/02/… take a look!

  5. Rebecca12 says:

    I could see how it would be quite easy to make a bar cart on your own. I was thinking about using a couple
    skateboards for underneath the bottom shelf.Attache some railing handles to it.. The top shelf you could attach
    to the hand railings on sides. Dont know if it would work, but I have my mind working overtime thinking about how it could be done, and what I could use.

    • Jeanine Hays says:

      Rebecca, you are adventurous! I love the skateboard idea. If you do a DIY project, please share the final results with us.

  6. kimh55 says:

    This isn't a portable one but we use the bottom shelf of our black sofa table as our alcohol storage. Yes, we have to bring it up to the kitchen bar to mix drinks but who uses all the different kinds at one anyway? GREAT space-saving solution!

  7. Naomi Stein says:

    Hi Jeanine. Thanks for the mention!! As a fellow Philly girl, I've been a longtime fan of yours. I picked up my bar cart at a furniture auction. It's one of my prized possesions :)

  8. Thomas Perry says:

    I tend to leave mine out on the deck. It comes in really handy for those times I want to drink away a lazy afternoon.

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