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Have I already explained what “NMS” means on here yet? (Apologies if I have. I’m sick at the moment, so I’m all NyQuilled out. Humor me!) Anyway, many of the ladies around here use the acronym NMS — which stands for “not my style” — when talking about things that aren’t exactly our personal cuppa. But it’s frequently in an affectionate way, as in, “Hey, that’s usually NMS, but this is cute!” And that’s my reaction to the weather vanes over the couch in this Connecticut home designed by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta.

weather vanes over couch

I gravitate to Art Deco, Hollywood regency, or mid-century modern, but every now and again, some nice all-American country decor hits me, and reminds me a bit of the Bucks County home I grew up in. (Not that it was this opulent, but it had a similar pastoral vibe.) I never would have thought to bring weather vanes indoors and use a collection of them in place of paintings or photos, but this arrangement is charming. It’s NMS, darling, but I’m loving it.

[Via: Pinterest, Kelly + Olive]

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  1. CplusE says:

    I totally agree with you! Even though we live in the country, I have a preference for sleek modern or rustic modern. The country look has never been my style, but there is something about this room that appeals to me as well. Maybe it is the way color has been used — it is everywhere, but not overdone, and I do love color. Also, I am a big fan of animal-inspired décor, and this room is filled with it!

  2. quintessence says:

    Thanks for featuring my blog post here today. I agree – this house is NMS either but the incredible attention to detail, amazing collections and impressive coordination of color and pattern made it a must feature!! It's a great example of the personality of the owner shining through!

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      You're very welcome — the post is great, and the photos are excellent! Thanks for sharing it with us. I AM a sucker for patterns. :)

  3. A+S / Tilton Fenwick says:

    NMS! great acronym. It's NMS for us as well, but we loved viewing this home via Quintessence over the last two days!

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      LOL! Let's spread NMS everywhere. :) Agreed. The Quintessence posts are so dreamy. I love the floral wallpaper in many of the spaces, too.

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  5. home sweet home says:

    I would love to live in this home.The blue accents are my favorite. The grass is outside the front door; are some that are in my own yard. I love this house ;would like to have it. Location is perfect for all these activities; golf, skiing and biking. Everything is beautiful, you have outdone yourself this time hgtv. The river who would have thought. I love fishing. Having fishing out the back door is just unbelievable ;what a fantasy . a dream come true. Again great job hgtv.

  6. Karli_Scripps says:

    Well, doesn't this look familiar? ; )

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