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Just a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so if you’re planning to send a little love through the USPS, now’s the time to do it! Of course, I’m in a long-term relationship, so the days of planning elaborate candlelit dinners are a bit behind me, but I still picked up a card or two from this roundup to give to my boyfriend. (Don’t worry — I’m almost positive he doesn’t read this.)

valentine cards

Top row, from left to right: French Octopus, Downton Abbey, Love Rock Ticket, You’re a Hottie. Middle row, left to right: Let’s Be Frank, Lookin’ GoodI Love You Like BISCUITS and GRAVY Oversize Postcard, Boy Girl Big Heart. Bottom row, left to right: Pepé Le Pew Valentine’s Day Card, Sealed With a Kiss Cards, I’m Nuts About YouValentine’s Sweethearts Card.

They’re all pretty adorbs, I must say. And I like that they all have a certain child-like enthusiasm and sweetness that reminds me of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and candy in school. I think the Sealed With a Kiss cards would be best if you want to write a longer love letter, though my absolute favorite this year is Foxy & Winston’s “I love you more than Downton” card. I do love my boyfriend more than the surprise Brit hit TV show. But that’s saying a lot!

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  1. Liz_HGTV says:

    These are so freaking cute! I love the octopus, the hot dog, and of course, the Downton card. I may or may not have purchased this card for my bf. (I'm pretty sure he's not reading this, either.)

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