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I’m obsessed with Pinterest and I know most of you are too, so I know you’ll relate to this. You know when you find a blog and you’re scrolling and you find yourself pinning every single thing on the page? Like, this blogger knows what I like?! Well, that’s how Fly is for me. Andrea Pippins, Fly’s sole editor, started the blog in 2006 as “a daily resource to inspire young women to pursue their creative passions.” From fashion trends and wallpaper patterns to vintage artwork and color palettes, Andrea shares a sampling of it all for her readers on a daily basis. I’m particularly fond of her fashion picks – they’re always full of color and pattern, and I’m constantly thinking, “That’s so daring! Could I do that? I should do that!” Her goal is to continually empower people to be individualistic and creative in every way, just like this.

fly girl blog andrea pippins

fly girl blog andrea pippins

Andrea comes from a visual communications background and has a MFA in graphic design that has landed her positions working with well-known design publications and brands, such as Hallmark Cards, TV Land/Nick at Nite, Free People, Nickelodeon and Creative Quarterly. Her original posts give her an opportunity to showcase her expertise and showcase new talent as well.

Read on to see why we heart Fly so.

fly girl blog fly girl of the weekFGOTW / Brette Sims

One of my favorite features on Fly is Fly Girl of the Week. FGOTW focuses on celebrating strong, interesting, inspiring and creative women from diverse backgrounds. Women from all across the world can nominate themselves by sharing their life experiences, passions and inspiration among each other. It allows people globally to connect in an aspirational way while also promoting their own personal brands.

fly girl blog andrea pippins trends

What I Like Right Now is a well-laid out image of Andrea’s current faves. Whenever she shared her golden list I thought we must be sisters, because I was in the middle of a golden haze myself. I love how some months her list is full of current reads and delicious snacks, while others are lined with current beauty must-haves and jewelry trends. Either way, I enjoy discovering what’s topping her list at the moment because I usually end up finding some things to add to my own, like these Trinket Flats from Anthropologie and Paula Scher: Maps, a book of maps painted by designer Paula Scher herself.

fly girl blog textiles pillowsSister Batik

You’ll immediately notice Andrea’s incredible eye for textiles and patterns. Many of her interior and fashion finds relate to her love of graphic design, too. “I think our interests in all facets of our lives influence how we dress, collect art and decorate/design our homes. Seeing a color in a painting can inspire one to incorporate that hue into their wardrobe or influence someone to buy a pillow within that same palette,” Andrea says. “From the perspective of a graphic designer, I am constantly looking to other areas of design for inspiration in color, composition and texture.”

Check out some of Andrea’s coolest picks that I was instantly drooling over.

fly girl blog textiles patternsWax Patterns

fly girl blog textiles bylina studioFly Space: Bylina Studio

fly girl blog textiles wallpaper patternsFly Space: Makelike

She’s also an excellent source when it comes to color trends, and her posts are always full of pretty hues. I think we’re all a bit intrigued by bright colors, so it’s nice to come to place where we can get a constant dose in various forms. Her hot neon lime collection even inspired me to paint my nails a luscious highlighter hue. (I couldn’t resist!)

fly girl blog neon lime greenHot Neon Lime

fly girl blog red pink color palettePink and Red Colorblocking

As part of her grad school thesis project Andrea created I Love My Hair, which was originally a movement to inspire African-American women to embrace their naturally curly hair. Years later, I Love My Hair has become a brand that now offers special prints and designs to celebrate its original cause. “I shared a few images on my site just for fun and received tons of comments and emails asking me to sell the artwork, so I opened up the online shop,” says Andrea. “It always sells out! I’m always trying to keep up with the orders!” Stay posted, because Andrea says there’s a surprise collaboration happening in the spring with I Love My Hair. We can’t wait!

fly girl blog i love my hair shop

When it comes to fashion, design and hot trends, Fly is a go-to for me. Every time I stop by I know exactly what I’m getting, and it’s Andrea’s incredible picks that will always keep me coming back for more each day. Head over to Fly and check it out for yourself!

Is there a blog, like Fly for me, that speaks to your style? Tell us all about it below.

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  2. @ChicModern says:

    I started reading Andrea's blog in 2009. She's such an inspiration.

  3. @afroniquely says:

    Yay!! I love Andrea's blog!! Great feature!! from my fave channel HGTV!!

  4. @Somaphony says:

    Nice coverage, Great Blog! Congrats Andrea!

  5. @theaofa says:

    I love Fly and adore Andrea as a person even more. She's just as bright and colorful as her picks. It's great that you're highlighting her! Oh and another blog I love is Design Wonderland!

  6. Karli_Scripps says:

    What a superb blog! Thanks for introducing. I really needed the bright colors this week!

  7. Nora Hill says:

    I'm new to FLY and blown away by the class, culture and vivid color of the site!

  8. As a lover of textiles and all things colorful, I look forward to see what FLY is going to do next.

  9. Kiona says:

    FLY is such an inspirational site. Andrea is a sweetheart! Congratulations….

  10. @B3HDtheBlog says:

    thanks to the HGTV Pinterest board, I stumbled across FLY. First time EVER that I clicked through a pin and kept clicking through until I got to the original source. Gotta say this – always happy to see a sister doing her thing in blog land – especially on the design side.

    New FLY follower.

    Bernadette <a href="http://www.b3hd.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>www.b3hd.blogspot.com

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