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Looking at the title “Bunny Pillow,” you may have thought I was going to feature a pillow with a picture of a bunny on it. But you’d be wrong! Somehow, the crazy design scientists at bombdesign must have spliced some genes together and engineered a pillow that IS a bunny. Behold!

bunny pillow

It’s silly, whimsical and unexpected, but not too cartoonish. And it looks so soft. Plus, it’s just practical. It’s a stuffed animal and pillow in one! I could see kids taking this in the car or on planes for travel, toting it along to sleepovers, you name it. I also think it would make a really sweet baby shower gift. (How precious would this be sitting on a rocking chair in a nursery? I die from the cuteness!)

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  1. CplusE says:

    That is one cute pillow! BTW, if we're going to talk rabbits, anyone who has not seen this sheep herding rabbit video on YouTube is in for a treat:


    Now I defy you to get that "Run, rabbit, run!" song out of your head today!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that February is "Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month":


    Bunnies seem to be everywhere, and it's not even springtime or Easter yet!

  2. Jenny@Simcoe Street says:

    I love this pillow!! It would look so cute in my son's nursery

  3. Patty says:

    The pillow is darling, but what kinda rabbit doesn't have a cottontail. I would add a white pom pom to it's posterior end.

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