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  1. Carolyn Bendinelli says:

    I agree with Colleen. I would love to see Paulette Moats and her husband of 51 years win a new bedroom. It would also be nice if that new bedroom could be on the main floor if possible since she is recovreing from a stroke and he just had two knee replacements. Good luck Paulette and hang in there Colleen there are better days ahead and who knows, maybe they will do two.

  2. Donna Durbin says:

    I am a resident 1 of the 12 ladies with children that live here at the Door of Hope Pasadena, California, housing locations. We each have our own story how we became homeless. But because of our will to better ourselves we have been chosen to be in this transitional housing program, we pay little rent to our apartment, but because we are here do to homelessness, domestic violence or addictions. We are all here because we are survivors.

    Door of Hope offers us a beginning to build our lives back up independently. So we can teach our children to not fall into a rut, we have brought them too. All of our things in our apartments aren't ours, they are older donations and some things really need replacing basicly nothing matches. A design team in the Los Angeles area wants to help us, but their is no funding. But the design team is so excited to start the project they came to us to get input and to let us know they want to do the design project to the best of their ability.

    This project is not just for us, it's also for families to come after us. But for now to have this make over of our apartments would be a blessing for everyone. This program was our blessing to have a home with my girls. I am a domestic violence case. And with places like "Door of Hope" my girls have hope. Help us give something back….a new makeover!!!!
    Donna Durbin

  3. Maureen Mandarano says:

    Good morning. I woke up this morning and looked at the sun rising out the sliding glass doors in my bedroom and saw the newly fallen snow on the woods through my triple bedroom window. It was beautiful until I saw all my husband's clothes on the exercise bike in the bedroom, the laundry baskets on the chair, the unpainted trunk that I haven't gotten to yet, ……………..We did an addition 6 years ago and while my daughter's bedrooms are beautiful and the rest of the house is done, our master bedroom has somehow dropped to the bottom of the list! It is structurally beautiful but an old bedspread, furniture from my growing up, and many things that don't belong in there can give it that "dorm room" look. We would love to have the retreat we envisioned to end our busy days in. Please help us HGTV!!

    Maureen, New Rochelle, NY

  4. Diana says:

    If you could make my 1970s looking bedroom reflect the beauty and craftsmanship it could (being over 100 year old Victorian) I would be shocked. From the forest green worn out wall to wall carpet to the 9 inch high baseboards and window molding which is currently painted some kind of grey color, to the wallpaper border (ewwwwww) I would love you forever. Well, I already love HGTV, its the ONLY thing i watch . But it would be a miracle if you picked me and made this worn out and dated room showcase the beauty it posesses underneath it all!

  5. Carol says:

    When our home was built, they had did so many thing wrong, even the walls are not right, so our master bedroom and bath has been on our last thing to do list, as we have so many other things to correct. It would be nice to have one room finished.

  6. charmaine says:

    from charmaine , l love to have a bed room make over l know what i like but dont know how to put things together you guys make thinngs look so easy on HGTV. a fire place in the bed room woulld be sooo wonderfull.keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Christine Partin says:

    We would really love a bedroom makeover after 30 years of marriage and 25 moves. We sleep in a king sized white wrought iron canopy bed which is very romantic and sturdy, but our white walls in the bedroom make it look bland! Our mattress and box springs need updating because my husband now suffers from lower back pain. We both have numerous foot and leg problems so I think the solution would be an adjustable bed we can move up and down for different heights to accommodate our many aches and pains. It would also be nice if we had a new set of hypoallergenic sheets and a white hypoallergenic comforter to combat our dust mite allergies. This would be a real blessing because we're both disabled and living on a very small fixed income without very much left over for such items. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Geisa says:

    We all should win every sad story breaks my heart. I came to US in 2001 attended school now work for VNA in Boston Ma. I have worked hard to we're I am, I volunteer for community, now I have my sister attending school here. Iam turning big 30 and i am engaged. i think I deserve it because I am human and always want to improve my life, like I always say you need to help yourself first in order to help others.. I don't have a sad story to tell. I work hard to keep my parents proud to be a role model for my siblings, i have a fiance i love. I help everyone around me, just request statements, I have been acknowledge for my support on a book written by patient….. Ok enough of me,I want the dream home a need a dream home. . Of note fiancé calls HGTV Get "Geisa High TV". xoxo

  9. Jesse broom says:

    I know I won't win but, it's wonderful trying. Thank you.

  10. Ruthie says:

    My husband and I just moved to this new home ( our first and brand new) and it's been a year. I am never good at decorating the house. Moreso, doing a room. I would wish to have a romantic room to relax and enjoy. It should be time to have another sibling for us too! Please help!

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