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Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you found (or made) that perfect gift?  There’s still time to create a thoughtful, delicious present: a romance-themed cocktail. Here are some of my favorites…

For your uber-romantic dinner for two, try the, ahem, to-die-for Romeo and Juliet cocktail. Top tequila and Grand Marnier with peach juice and ruby-hued Chambord. Garnish with an orange twist and a few maraschino cherries. Just add a not-too-cheesy card.

Romeo and Juliet Valentine's Day Cocktail
In lieu of a bouquet of flowers, why not mix up this fruity cocktail garnished with edible flowers? Swap orange juice for mango puree for a fresh spin on the classic mimosa. Punch it up with vodka, then top with a fresh viola, pansy or nasturtium flower.

Amour a Mosa Cocktail
Sure, you could buy a box of waxy supermarket chocolates or spend the evening baking a chocolate souffle. But this chocolatey dessert drink, made with white chocolate liqueur and dark chocolate shavings and a hint of orange liqueur, is just as satisfying and much more unexpected. Of course, since it’s Valentine’s Day,  I wouldn’t turn down chocolates, a souffle and the cocktail…just sayin’.

Chocolate Mandarin Dream

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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.



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  1. Christina says:

    These all look so romantic and tasty! Perfect for V-Day.

    Just made some chocolate mousse for the day of love. Come check it out. :) http://becauseofmadalene.blogspot.com/


  2. marta sulivan says:

    check this champagne treats round up too goo.gl/VJCwm

  3. tanya stacey says:

    Hopefully next Valentines Day I will be toasting many people and the beauty surrounding this Dream Home………I hope I win. Health and family issues would be so less stressful and I might get a reprieve from the grim reaper………..Much love and happy today to all who Dream of this home as I do……..(I pray I win. If not, I pray the winner deserves it and wants and needs it as much as me>) L, tanYaisa

  4. [...] you have your heart-adorned decor, the perfect cocktails and enough lovey-dovey goodness to keep you all warm and fuzzy for a while. What more do you need [...]

  5. Beauty007 says:

    I want to thank all those that sent their positive prayers for me and my daughter. Her kidneys seems to be responding to the medicine. She is so young and it's so hard as a mother to watch her go through this. Usually mothers are able to fix just about anything but when you are put in a position to just sit, watch, worry and wait, it's truly hard. Again thanks for the positive prayers. I wish all of you the best!

  6. @JedMart_com says:

    Home Decoration and Gifts Depot . 3000 items in store with low price!

  7. Hi Liz. Thanks for sharing these. I'm finding them post V-day but I will note some of them for future days! That first one sounds "DELISH!" ;)

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