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Last week, I shared photos of my embarrassingly bare bedroom. (Remember that mattress on the floor? I certainly do.)  Since sprucing it up is our first real project, I’ve spent hours upon hours this week holding up paint chips and scouring Pinterest for THE perfect shades. Besides getting a really great arm workout (fan decks can get mighty heavy…), I’ve managed to narrow the field down to two possible palettes.

Our master bathroom has ’50s-era aqua tile that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so I wanted to incorporate that color into the bedroom palette to create a cohesive look. Overall, I”m looking for a modern natural feel, with flashes of bright colors alongside more muted hues. Which do you prefer?

Palette 1: Energetic Greens
I’m a little obsessed with yellow, so it’s not surprising that this look-at-me hue made into one of my palettes as an accent color. Chartreuse and aqua give this look a vintage feel, while warm neutrals keep it feeling modern.

Teal Green Yellow Gray PalettePillows via Coastal Living; bedding from Urban Outfitters

Palette 2:  Tangerine Dreams
Tangerine  (Pantone’s color of the year!) and aqua are color wheel opposites, but they’re a classic combination. I love the idea of bringing in a bright orange, vintage leather chair as an accent piece. Soft mocha paint (or a subtly-patterned wallpaper) would make the walls warm and inviting.

Orange Teal Red Bedroom PalettePeaches via Laura Vegas; Chair from Rate My Space contributor NYDesignGuy

Which color swatch should I use? Cast your vote in the comments below!

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101 Responses

  1. peg5 says:

    palette 1 is classic, soft, relaxed and comfortable. palette 2 is modern, energetic, rich and vivid. so it depends on what dynamic you are looking for in your bedroom.

  2. Jessica Bradley says:

    My vote is for "Energetic Greens" – but really, I'm voting for yellow. I think there is something so refreshing about waking up to bright, sunshine yellow!

  3. The zesty lime with grey and turquoise accents gets our vote. It's a growing trend, especially for resort markets and vacation homes. More clients are asking for it than ever!!

  4. Lisa says:

    I also love both pallettes. But I believe a bedroom should be calm and serene and the tangerine is the opposite of that (I'd use that pallette in the kitchen or maybe a family/game room).

  5. Heidi says:

    Love both schemes, but I have to choose the first, just because it's a bit more sleepy. I like to sleep in my bedroom! :) The Coastal Living pillows are great!

  6. Linda-bob says:

    I vote for #1. It gives a fresh twist to the 70's aqua. No.2 is too similar to the true 70's look which doesn't
    feel new or fresh or inviting.

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