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TV Media in Living Room - Erin Loechner

See that giant TV on the left? It is about to disappear...

Televisions and entertainment centers are often the biggest eyesores in any space, and our bulky, ten-year-old TV was certainly no exception. (Remember spotting it in our living room makeover?) Still, it was functional and I happen to live with a man who would marry function if he could. Me? I choose form to a fault.

TV Media in Living Room - Erin Loechner

Poof - bulky TV be gone!

So when it came time to purchase a new TV, we were on the hunt for something that could appease his need for function (specifically in terms of audio/sound quality and picture), and my need for pure, technological beauty.

TV Media in Living Room - Erin Loechner

Gone are those cluttered remotes...

Bose offers a unit called Videowave with the speakers built into the television, so there’s no need for bulky additions and hanging cables/wires (and you know how I feel about exposed speakers). Even better? The sound quality is insanely good, which makes Mr. Function smile ear-to-ear. And because there’s one single remote that operates the entire system (including our iPod and Blu-Ray player), we can ditch the 12+ remotes that often clutter every living room and bask in the delight of seamless function.

TV Media in Living Room - Erin Loechner

Lovely, yes?

We love how the unit makes our small living room appear much larger now that it’s wall-mounted, and I just adore having extra surface area for my magazines and design books.

TV Media in Living Room - Erin Loechner

Of course, if you’re still stuck with your bulky TV, don’t fret. I’ve got some tips/tricks on how we’ve been camouflaging our unit for over 5 years:

1. Store it. Media storage is key when it comes to most living rooms, and a well-designed credenza is just the ticket to hiding unsightly speakers, remotes, wires and players.
2. Distract it. No, design distractions aren’t always the best option, but it’s better than nothing, right? Try creating a stylish vignette next to any technological eyesores that may be happening in your room. (We did this in our living room makeover and it worked like a charm!)
3. Hide it. If your TV is really cramping your style and you don’t necessarily watch it every day, try hiding a corner unit with a room divider or screen if space allows.
4. Mount it. Many units can be mounted on walls to allow for a more seamless design in the living room. My recommendation? If the unit is a flat-panel, try incorporating a gallery wall around the TV, creating your very own art installation.
5. Love it. Face it; televisions are often a large part of our lives when socializing, enjoying family or simply relaxing. Embrace the function of it all, and don’t fret if you can’t upgrade to a more well-designed unit. After all, in the words of my dear husband: Function first! (I still can’t believe I just typed that.)

DISCLAIMER: The specific Bose product mentioned in this post was provided to Design for Mankind blogger Erin Loechner by Bose for review purposes, with no compensation beyond that for her review.


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43 Responses

  1. Rachael says:

    i love that sideboard! we have our tv mounted on the wall but have been in search for months now for a minimalistic cabinet that has air exchange for all of the electronics and sits high enough off the ground as to not block a vent.
    i am hoping to find something close to this at the thrifts, even if we have to modify it a bit to fit our needs. yard sale season is also right around the corner so hopefully i will find this soon! electronics are sitting on the floor!

    Rachael http://thethriftypicker.blogspot.com/

  2. Christina says:

    I'm distracted by the shelving that looks into the other room. So fun! :)

    Just made some Gingered Creme Brulee. Come check it out! http://becauseofmadalene.blogspot.com/2012/02/pas


  3. erin loechner says:

    @rachael – thank you! here's ours: http://www.smartfurniture.com/products/Omni-Plus-

    it's not quite priced for thrifting, but is definitely a life-long piece that will get many years of use! highly recmmend. :)

  4. Briana@HGTV says:

    Wait! I must know what TV you purchased! I am in the market (more than a little tired of watching on my laptop), but haven't purchased one in years, so I'm clueless. Help?

  5. Stacy says:

    I love this, but I have to admit, the bust.. is it Beethoven?? .. looks ticked. He must not like to watch TV. :)

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  8. Kristin says:

    How did you hide the TV cables?!? I really really would love to know how.

  9. erin loechner says:

    @Briana – We chose a Bose VideoWave System. It's AMAZING.

  10. erin loechner says:

    @Stacy – HA!

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