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Some surprises you get with a new house can be less than positive. They can range from annoying (Surprise! The sellers left a giant oil painting of a quarterback in the attic.) to slightly more horrifying (Oh look, the faucet suddenly has no water pressure!), but luckily, there are lots of good surprises too.

Good surprise exhibit A: Discovering the new-to-us garden. Since the yard thinks its spring (It was 70 degrees yesterday…in February.), each day we’re seeing new bits of green shooting out of the ground. And almost every day, a different flower pops out. Of course, as gardening novices, we have to run to a flower book (or to the all-knowing HGTV gardening editor, Marie) to identify most of them.

Everything from crocuses…

Purple crocuses

Freshly-sprouted purple crocuses

…to daffodils…

Yellow daffodils

Yellow daffodils, after the rain

…to rambling vinca. And more is popping up every day!

Purple vinca

Vinca major

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What surprised you most (good or bad) about your first house? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Those would be beautiful surprises to get with a new house.

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  3. [...] Along with a ring of keys, lots of possibilities and a bunch of mysterious light switches, homeownership comes with a bucketful (or maybe more like a truckload full) of “Aha!” moments. [...]

  4. Don't you just love the surprises of a new place! The previous owners here remodeled the home, now I am remodeling the land. The Ice storm damages were severe here and most large places like this haven't been cleaned up. I am so glad we have great neighbors here with heavy equipment! The place is really coming along and I enjoy the surprises here. Finding amazing places that have so much native elements. I did this not long ago and wow, these bones ache! I need an HGTV crew for the landscape at the house! I planted so many bareroot items last fall so they are going to be fun to watch. The daffidols are up, surprise lillys next, forsythia and pears and redbuds blooming. The mint is back already! It is so warm here now and I will be planting veggies on my decks, the critters here beat me to everything until I get a greenhouse. I did the fenced garden and the raised garden at my previous place, I dream of a greenhouse. Have fun in the garden, enjoying spring here.

  5. Elena Perkins says:

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  6. Emilia says:

    This brings me back to when I was looking for a new house. I went through the extra trouble of having pre purchase inspections in melbourne check for enough space for a decent sized garden. I can definitely say that, with the paradise in the back yard, it was all worth it.

  7. News Trader says:

    Nice flowers ! The second one is still my favorite for since all the times, good article !

  8. Janet Smith says:

    What ever happen to Lennette Jennings and the other good shows you had in the beginning?

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