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A good thrift store becomes a great thrift store when you can maximize your spending power. Discount days are perfect for getting more bang for your buck.

Some stores run daily or weekly sales. Often times, sale items are identified by color tags. I find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing sale days and colors, so I have a notebook to write down which days have which colors and what percentage off I can expect.

The Salvation Army has sales in my area, but I’m not a fan of their furniture policy. For every day a piece of furniture remains on the floor, they will mark it down a percentage, starting after seven days. The big risk in waiting is that at any moment someone can pick up the piece I am wanting.

Moving truck to transport all of my deals

If I'm going furniture shopping, I typically rent a small truck or van to transport all of my deals.

There is a Habitat for Humanity store in my area and their sale policy is seriously confusing. They get annoyed when people ask them to explain their signage. For me, it’s okay because I am rarely embarrassed when asking for help. If you don’t understand a particular sales policy, don’t hesitate to ask an associate.

Lastly, ask a manager if there are any sale days or special promotions coming up.

How do you organize and remember all of the sales and discounts at your favorite thrift store?



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  2. linda halsey says:

    i have been a person that has found many teasures to meet my lifestyle from going to the many goodwills. It is the same stuff ,appliances, small furniture, kitchen ware, that is available in retail store but with gentle use. I have cleaned everything,goes with out saying . Painted some and totally outfitted an apt. with most of my buys. Thanks for the many guide lines you have posted;

  3. Fran says:

    If you have expensive taste and appreciate good furniture….but not the budget to afford it, you can't beat consignment shopping!

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