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Time flies when you’re raising kids. One minute they’re barely registering on the oversized ruler growth chart, and the next, they’re losing their teeth. At least that’s what happened to my boss’ adorable almost 5-year-old daughter yesterday. I guess you never really know what milestone is going to hit you hardest as a parent, but the tooth fairy’s first appearance seems like a doozy. And I don’t think I’ve seen a sweeter way to honor that folklore than with these tiny fairy doors from TaDaaStudio on Etsy.

fairy doors

Seriously, how cute are these things? (Answer: So. Stinking. Cute.) Just choose the door color and style to best match your kid’s room. The placement of the doors in the photos here are clever — I particularly like the one tucked away in a bookshelf — but if you’re going for the full tooth fairy experience, I suggest putting it on the wall near the bed, perhaps over the nightstand like this. You can even make a fairy garden as a family to entice the tooth fairy to pay a visit (or leave more money, wink). I figure that fairy doors are more than just adorable accents for children. They’re for parents, too. After all, if your child still believes in fairies, they’re not growing up too fast, no matter how many baby teeth they lose and when, right?

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  1. David says:

    Interesting concept. I think my kids would like this.

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