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Living in New York has made me obsessed with space-savers. If every piece of furniture I owned was like a mini-Transformer and turned into something else useful, or disappeared into the floor at the push of a button, I would be a happy girl. This is probably why I am so jazzed over the concept of Murphy beds and Murphy tables/desks. (FYI, Resource Furniture is a great place to start if you’re in the market for this kind of thing.)

On one hand, they’ve still got a cool wow-factor, like you’re living in the apartment of a super-swinging bachelor, and on the other hand, they’re just extremely practical. Apparently they’re having a moment right now, because I saw a great Murphy dining table in this month’s issue of Dwell, and then I spotted this clever fold-away craft table from Bubblewrapp’d.

murphy craft table

Not only is this cute little table not taking up any extra space, but when it’s folded into the wall, it’s got an inspirational saying on it with vinyl lettering! So, literally, it’s a piece of art that you can use to help you create more art. Genius!

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  1. Rachael says:

    The hubby talked about making something like this for me to pack and ship my ebay/etsy items on. I hadn't thought about the cabinet part though. I am going to pin this!

    Rachael http://www.thethriftypicker.com/

    • Briana@HGTV says:

      Wow, you've got a great hubby! If he does put one together, you should take pics and let us know. I'd love to see it. :)

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  6. Jenn says:

    My dad and I made one of these about 8 years ago when my son was a baby. It is actually a bookcase with an art frame for the kids' artwork that is a drop down tea/craft table. It is really great. Keeps the kids out of my books and tidies up the mess when it goes away. They are so big that we use it as a tea table or child table if we are having a dinner party. I like that this is so small but a bookcase instead is a rocking way to gain more storage if you have need.

  7. Nelia says:

    LOVE this! My hubby has already taken a look and told me he can make me one!! YAY! *happy dance* SUCH a lucky girl!

  8. nick says:

    where can i buy one online?

  9. Trisha Lamb says:

    There are a lot of available shopfitters in my area but I think it won't hurt to go look for space saving tips online. I plan to expand my shop and these are great ideas to maximize the space I have. Thanks!

  10. Marie Heather says:

    Shopfitters in Brisbane are vast and it's just difficult to narrow down my specifications to them. I might as well look for tips on how to do it myself with minimal supervision. Thanks for this.

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