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As most of you know, our sunroom has been the biggest current project in the Loechner Lair, and I’m happy to report that after a few snafus and some scheduling conflicts, we now have progress to share (did that rhyme? I think it did!)!:

Sunroom Renovation Drywall Progress - Erin Loechner

Well worth the wait!

Yes, that is a fully, 100% drywalled space. Are you starting to envision how beautiful it will be when finished? A vast improvement from the insulated room we shared just over a month ago, yes? We’ve tackled the electrical and finished spraying our insulation, so our renovation goal checklist for the room is coming along just swimmingly.

Sunroom Renovation Drywall Progress - Erin Loechner

I swoon over those exposed beams every time I see them!

The drywall process took a bit longer than planned, even though we hired out that phase. Between travel schedules for us and our drywall contractor’s availability, we ended up a bit behind schedule. BUT – all good things come to those who wait, and we’re thrilled with any progress we can get!

Sunroom Renovation Drywall Progress - Erin Loechner

Almost there, friends!

Next steps? We’ll be painting the room (white – are you surprised?), hanging trim and installing a floor solution over the concrete that we’re super excited about. More on that later! For now, can you spot that sweet little reading nook loft area in the below photo? We’re going to be filling it with fluffy white cushions and adding a Swedish ladder for our future little one to enjoy reading/studying/playing in secret!

Sunroom Renovation Drywall Progress - Erin Loechner

A secret reading nook for our future wee ones!

And yes, we’re still dreaming of our furniture plan and can’t wait to start decorating. Look for a serious update over the next month as we wrap up yet another (hopefully!) successful project – just in time for spring!


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11 Responses

  1. willgarden4food says:

    I think it is super cool.Can make a indoor green house out of it?

  2. Kirsten says:

    It looks REALLY great! The exposed beams are wonderful. Only thing missing is you and your bump in one of the photos!

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  5. erin loechner says:

    thank you sweet kirsten – bump photos to come! ;)

  6. Wow white is really great for wall, what paint did you use in here? its looks easy to dry..
    Fab Defence

  7. Martha says:

    Oh I love that reading nook so much! What a beautiful four season sun-room.

  8. Anna Jones says:

    What's really nice about this house is that it has huge glass windows that overlooks a wide and beautiful view. It could be more appealing though if you put on some shutters in Perth to subdue the strong sunlight during the day.

  9. meoprisnumbca says:


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