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Yesterday was lovely in New York, and as I ate my lunch outside, I could actually hear birds chirping and tweeting. I try not to get my hopes up about the weather here too much, but their songs made me feel like we had finally broken through to the other side of winter into spring. Likewise, this giant bird’s nest bed by O*GE Creative Group makes me think springy thoughts.

birds nest bed

It looks so cozy, doesn’t it? This would be crazy-cool for a kid bedroom, but I could also imagine it in a classroom as a spot to read or nap during recess. (Heck, I’d love to have a nest to nap in long about 3 p.m. every day!)

[Via: Flavorpill]


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  1. Kayla@HGTV says:

    Uhm, can I trade in my bed for this? ;)

  2. willgarden4food says:

    So imaginative!

  3. Mike says:

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  4. abidalilliane says:

    This is a huge bed, i am sure that even you have 5 children they can fit here,great idea that you created.
    baby eagle

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  6. nmbrtt63 says:

    At first glance, I thought it very odd. But, I will always be the little girl who wants to believe in Alice's Wonderland My twin granddaughters would love the fun of it.

  7. Pcameron says:

    How do you get in and out of this?

  8. Chris Taylor says:

    I'd be afraid of losing one of my kids between the pillows; and dusting that "nest" would be a huge chore!

  9. andreaskoppolt says:

    It looks very sweet, i like those beds who look special in some way! Nice Idea Buch veröffentlichen

  10. Craig Brown wrote a satirical piece about My Bed for Private Eye entitled My Turd. Emin's former boyfriend, former Stuckist artist Billy Childish, stated that he also had an old bed of hers in the shed which he would make available for £20,000.

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