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What do you get when you mix Q*bert with a real-life bedroom? Something like this multilevel pyramid, complete with pillows and a built-in bed.

The beauty of this setup is that each new platform surface can be something different: a nightstand, a decorative shelf, or seating. And I’m assuming there’s storage inside the blocks, which is a clever use of vertical space as well. I am slightly concerned about the toddler in this shot, though. As one of the commenters on Desire to Inspire‘s post joked: “The room [...] would ensure only the survival of the fittest! Most kids would be eight feet up the minute your back was turned!” So perhaps this kind of room is best left to those without a stealthy little Danger Baby at home.

[Via: Pinterest]

5 Responses

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  2. Meredith J. says:

    This is the best storage solution I have ever seen, this gives me so much ambition!

  3. willgarden4food says:

    I would have to pass on that one. Honestly, to me unless you live in a warehouse it's not good use of space.

  4. Leora Cochis says:

    I have been gone for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How often do you update your site?

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