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I’ve always had a thing for agate, geodes and rocks of all manner, long before they were so on-trend. (I was one of those kids who, on elementary school field trips to museums, would head straight to the gift shop to see if I could buy some cool tumbled stones and gems for my collection. I know, nerd alert!) So imagine my appreciation of this stunning bathroom wall in a Miami home by DKOR Interiors.

agate wall

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about how the blue agate look was achieved, but my fellow Pinterest pinners came to the rescue. Pinner (and interior designer) Lauren Maggio pointed to Alex Turco waterproof art panels, and I think she’s spot on. However this bathroom came to be, it’s solid! (Solid as a rock.) (SORRY.)

[Via: Houzz]

19 Responses

  1. Wall Decor says:

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  2. Mary Wiseman says:

    Wow…..I mean WOW!

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  4. Alanna says:

    Hi Briana,
    Great wall and very nice to find you via Pinterest.
    See you in Pinland,

  5. ~.ི♥ྀ Cri says:

    OMG… That is so frigin awesome!

  6. nmbrtt63 says:

    you can put this look all through my tiny apartment. New Mexico had places in the dessert. where you can find such rare beauties. Inever found anything that large or wonderful. My parent's were to of the best because I was incouraged to explore natures hidden gifts in everything. Do know how thick it is? :

  7. HexColor says:

    So colorful and unique looking! Very nice!

  8. Wall Decor says:

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  9. Kelly says:

    Pretty sure this is a geode section of onyx. I saw a World record size agate at the Smithsonian that was only 10 lbs. Hopefully the designer will provide more info on Houzz. In the meantime, people are sending this viral on Pinterest, labeling it as an agate slab… The Internet is a dangerous place! :)

  10. Katie says:

    This is incredible! I need to find a way to knock this off.
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