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You’ve heard of container gardens, but what about container houses? Containers have been growing in popularity for mobile office solutions or pop-up stores due to their relative affordability and portability, but this 12 Container House by Adam Kalkin takes the trend to another level.

container houses

Photos: Peter Aaron/Esto

I never thought I’d want to live in a bunch of shipping containers(!), but honestly, this is pretty stylish. And it definitely grooves with that whole urban, modern, industrial look I like. You have to check out Kalkin’s site to see more impressive photos, plus a cool video that explains his prefab home philosophies.

What do you think? Would you live in a container house like this?

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  1. I do live in a container house. And it's way cool. :-)

  2. CplusE says:

    I could definitely live in a container house, but my husband says he could not. Oh well. =/

  3. Laura says:

    Wow excellent! Thanks Adam Kalkin for your awesome post on 12 containers House. Honestly like it. I do not live in a container house but really wish to live. But my husband doesn’t want to live in a bunch of shipping containers. If I could manage him I will paint my container with white color and surely decorate my container house like a white angle in a green garden! I will use white furniture at my dream container house. Because White color creates a natural shade which can help to improve any concepts or style suggestions or ideas and produce a sense of open space even within the smallest rooms. Thanks for this new idea Adam.

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  6. hiltonscollision says:

    Thanks Braina, Adams idea is very interesting. I checked out the link you posted and I must say he is very innovative. Who else could think up something like making the paved road tell your car to play music as it travels and the billboards are telling you what song will be playing! I like the concept of using space in a way that nothing is wasted.

  7. Judith says:

    I love the concept of reuse and the look! I live in an urban gang warfare neighborhood and welcome new options for peace of mind. Innovative for affordable living and work spaces.

  8. yvette says:

    Probably not safe to live in tornado alley with this thing.

    • Dave says:

      These houses when properly anchored are perfect for tornado alley. They are welded together instead of nailed or screwed like a traditional "stick" house. These container houses are used around the gulf as they are also hurricane resistant. There are a lot of possible uses for containers.

  9. TLL says:

    While surprisingly attractive, I would not under any circumstances call it "affordable", neither to build nor to rent (in what world $6,000 – $10,000 per week considered affordable?!?) Yikes.

  10. MJM says:

    I was intrigued by the idea until I saw the cost. A 5 container kit costs $119K, plus another $65K to finish it, not to mention the cost of the land itself. I wouldn't call this a very economical home, assuming you could get it approved by the city's building department.

    • Dave says:

      Part of the cost problem is there aren't a lot of people willing to do this. I.e. the demand is not as high as the supply. If more companies would promote this type of housing to the general public, I'm sure the demand would grow. That being said, most people still want a traditional house to live in without having to design it themselves.

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