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I’m having major editor envy over here. I’ve been seeing this gorgeous kitchen making the rounds on Pinterest, and found out it’s in the Toronto home of Suzanne Dimma, the Editor-in-chief of Canadian House & Home magazine.

suzanne dimmas eclectic kitchen

Photo: Rob Fiocca

I love how this feels both chic and very personal. Yes, there is the requisite marble, but where most kitchens I see take that in a sterile direction, here it’s warmed up by rich wood and a colorful rug. And the chandelier is a fun, girly touch. Not enough chandeliers in kitchens, if you ask me. But, like every editor, Dimma feels like her work is never done. She’s talking about renovating on her blog, and wants to “redesign the fridge and counter area (not pictured) and update the sink, counters and cabinetry finish.” I’m sure her finished kitchen will be lovely, but I think it looks enchanting the way it is. (Although perhaps I’d add this sleek black SMEG fridge with the gold handles and logo to pump up the glam factor even more. Argh, see? Never done!)

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  2. SoonerLaura says:

    All kitchens are a work in progress right? Also every other room in the house and every landscape/ outdoor living area. At least that's the way it works for people like me with that creative vision. There are two types of people, there are people like my husband who sits in a room and thinks it's all good and there are people like me who sit in a room and see how it could be with a lot of hard work and an undetermined budget!

  3. I have the same thinker too SoonerLaura. I am on a tight rein here, no remodeling for a while, chevyman says we need to live here a while before we bite off more than we can chew! I think he worries about budgets too. I get the same feeling when I sit in a room.

    I like the eclectic. Very personal and not too trendy. NIce job, thanks Briana, more inspiration for me.

  4. queereye says:

    everyone likes something different… that is not a kitchen to me and is hideous. it says "I didn't have any money to do it right, so I just made do with the available space". the money that was spent on that marble could have been used in so many other ways… and white painted brick? that's completely hill-billy and in poor taste. brick should never be painted with anything except sealant.

  5. Wyobud says:

    Too white for me–almost sterile.

  6. LjR says:

    The balance seems to off… The cupboards are too short and the multitude of tiny accessories seems to amplify the imbalance. Changing the items on top of the cupboard ( size and color) would enhance the room

  7. kay romprey says:

    Too white, not much imagination…Looks Cheap, but clean. People could live with it, but, if you like ambiance, think outside the BOX. The Old World Classic Look, ……………Never goes out of style… paned windows, rounded top door, tile, and granite, Wood furniture, antique Brass fixtures, along with antique copper, and wraught iron…chandeliers, faucets, and knobs…or glass…. The Old Classic Look, will be in forever…especially in Kitchens…People travel to Italy, Greece, Spain, etc, and come back wanting what THEY have…. it is achievable with a little paint, and imagination.

  8. patty says:

    Blah!Blah! Blah! Thought that was the before picture.

  9. Nana Po says:

    It doesn't look like a kitchen & it isn't inviting ..too cold looking. Looks like a 'lot' is missing. Needs some color & lots of love … :)

  10. charles says:

    Not a REAL KITCHEN….what

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