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I’m having major editor envy over here. I’ve been seeing this gorgeous kitchen making the rounds on Pinterest, and found out it’s in the Toronto home of Suzanne Dimma, the Editor-in-chief of Canadian House & Home magazine.

suzanne dimmas eclectic kitchen

Photo: Rob Fiocca

I love how this feels both chic and very personal. Yes, there is the requisite marble, but where most kitchens I see take that in a sterile direction, here it’s warmed up by rich wood and a colorful rug. And the chandelier is a fun, girly touch. Not enough chandeliers in kitchens, if you ask me. But, like every editor, Dimma feels like her work is never done. She’s talking about renovating on her blog, and wants to “redesign the fridge and counter area (not pictured) and update the sink, counters and cabinetry finish.” I’m sure her finished kitchen will be lovely, but I think it looks enchanting the way it is. (Although perhaps I’d add this sleek black SMEG fridge with the gold handles and logo to pump up the glam factor even more. Argh, see? Never done!)

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  1. Augie3848 says:

    What is wrong with everyone? This is a great kitchen! Great space. White is a color.

  2. Rosanne says:

    I agree with most….it's awful and uninviting. what were they thinking!

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