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I first saw this fantastically simple and fun melted crayon art on Pinterest. So I couldn’t resist trying it with my kids when my sister-in-law Courtney suggested this very project after seeing it on Whatever. When you’ve got two five-year-olds in your house, you end up with loads and loads of crayons lying around, so why not put them to good use? That is, as long as you’re brave enough to pull out a glue gun with young kids. I found that having a one-to-one adult to child ratio helped. A lot.

All you need for this project is a piece of foam core (you could just as easily use framed canvas), crayons in an array of colors, a hot glue gun and a hairdryer. We started off by choosing the colors we wanted to use and lined them up on the board. Since ours was going to hang in my kids’ room, we went with a rainbow of colors, but using all one tone or even just a couple of colors would create a great effect as well.

melted crayon art

Clockwise from the top left: lining up crayons, hot gluing, all glued, and applying heat!

Once you’ve got your colors lined up, you hot glue the underside of the crayon. Ours weren’t perfectly lined up, given the lack of precision of my amateur “artists,” but that only added to the kid-made effect in my opinion. If you choose to do this project indoors like we did, you’ll want to line your backdrop with newspaper (lesson learned!). Start blow-drying keeping your heat focused at the middle of the crayon. I have a fairly powerful hairdryer so we saw the results in just a few minutes. You’ll notice the paper start to look wet, and soon thereafter the wax will start to drip onto your canvas.

metled crayon art

Left: almost done! Right: the finished product

You can keep the heat on the crayons until you get the effect that you like. We had a couple of crayons that nearly lost all of their innards when some people (I’m not naming names) got a little bit overzealous with the blow-dryer, but I simply applied more heat to the “glop” to correct it. The wax dries very quickly and we were able to hang this up within 10 minutes of finishing. Add a signature for posterity and voila! A great piece of art perfect for children’s rooms.



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