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Mary Wiseman was the first to guess a clothes dryer. The innovative orbital washing machine, designed by Tiffany Roddis, cuts a few steps out of the laundering process. The machine drum doubles as a laundry basket allowing for easy transportation. The drum pivots on two axes, moving the clothes in all directions, making it an energy efficient way to wash your clothes. How do you keep your home eco-friendly? Tell us in the comments below.


Check back next week to guess at a new mystery item.


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  1. Amy says:

    Well, I was no where near close with my guess (and I most likely would've never even started thinking 'laundry'…). I'll admit it is a pretty genius idea!

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  3. Beverly says:

    Its working is as easy as it seems. You can carry the spherical drum along and put your dirty clothes inside it and then place the drum inside the ring of so called Orbit washing machine. The machine is capable of producing its own energy as its ring comes equipped with huge hidden batteries. The induction technology enables reloading of the batteries by the energy produced by the drum while working.

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