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I already knew I’d like the Behive by Werner Aisslinger (in partnership with Foscarini) before I even saw it. And yes, that’s Behive, not Beehive. The form and the name of the lamp are meant to be playful interpretations of the natural version, but not identical. Anyway, my boyfriend’s name is Buzz (after a stuffed bee toy he had as a baby), so the Behive is just the latest in a long line of good associations I have with bees.
behive lamp

The glow coming from between the stacked rings is soft and inviting. And it even looks sculptural and stylish when it’s switched off. I can easily picture the Behive on a mod desk or end table. (Just as long as Foscarini doesn’t release a lamp that looks like a tracker jacker nest, am I right, Hunger Games fans?)

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