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Briana’s Daily Delight from this morning reminded me how incredibly close Easter is (April 8!). It feels especially early this year, don’t you think? I typically spend Easter afternoon at my mother’s house eating a delicious Southern meal. That being said, I don’t usually decorate my place for the holiday, but I’m always coming across projects I can’t wait to try whenever Easter brunch finally rotates to my place. If you happen to be hosting this year, you should definitely grab the kids and give this festive, hand-painted egg garland a try. With a little paint and glitter, you can bring a sweet, spring-inspired touch to your mantel or banister just in time for Easter.

hand painted easter egg garlandFinished Easter egg banner hanging above a stylish spring vignette.

First, round up 52 large, white chicken eggs (you can use more or less depending on where you plan on hanging your garland), an egg-blowing kit, skewers, acrylic craft paint, craft glitter, glue, white tissue paper, twine and an upholstery needle.

hand painted easter egg garland projectPainting eggs; Glittering eggs

After blowing out the eggs, use bamboo skewers to hold the eggs and start painting. Marian Parsons from Mustard Seed Interiors suggests painting 36 of the eggs with acrylic paint, and then coating the other 16 entirely in glitter. You can add swirls, polka dots and other designs to your painted eggs with glue, glitter and a 1.0 liner paintbrush. The more variation you add to your garland, the more vibrant and exciting it will be!

hand painted easter egg garland projectThreading eggs; Making tissue spacers; Finishing garland

Once the eggs are dry, insert the twine through the top hole of the egg (Image 1). Do this for all the eggs, alternating your various designs and patterns. Using white tissue paper, cut out squares and fold into accordion folds (Image 2). Use the needle to thread tissue onto twine (Image 3), and then pull the layers apart to form a flower (Image 4). Place flared tissue flower at every third egg or so on the garland (Image 5). To finish, cut the twine and create a loop for hanging. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

What Easter projects do you have planned? Egg dying? Creative baskets for the kids? Share them with us!


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  2. @nyclq says:

    So pretty and so Spring! Love it!

    xo Lynda

  3. @nyclq says:

    So pretty and so Spring! Love it!

    xo Lynda

  4. Tony says:

    What's blowing out an egg?

    • Kayla@HGTV says:

      It's a process where you basically hollow out an egg. Once you remove the yolk and egg white, it will last longer (for projects and such) than a boiled egg.

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