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Who else out there bought a Mega Millions ticket? I don’t normally play the lotto, but I asked my boyfriend to buy some tickets for us last night. $640 million definitely makes you think, why not? It’s being reported that tickets sold in three states (Kansas, Illinois and Maryland) share the jackpot, which means…it’s not me. [sad trombone] It’s a shame because I was definitely spending my imaginary winnings in my head. For example, the Chateau de la Goujeonnerie would be all mine.
chateau de la goujeonnerie

Sure, sure. I’d save some money, invest some, make sure my family was taken care of, donate to charities and set up some scholarships and foundations. And then there’d be taxes. But AFTER that, I’d buy this crazy French estate. First of all, faux unicorn taxidermy. Second of all, listen to the site’s description of the amenities: “The chateau has 2 drawing rooms, a formal dining room, a breakfast room, 2 kitchens, a library, a conservatory, multimedia room which can be converted to hold 100 diners, 2 reading areas, a steam room, sauna, a massage room, a gym and a bar with a chill out area.There are also 2 large terraces for cocktails or dinner with great views. There is an 18 meter by 6 meter heated swimming pool set within 18 acres of land with a small forest to wander in.” So, yes. This please. And a private plane to take me there, naturally.

If you won the Mega Millions, how would you spend it?

[Via: Design Crisis]

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