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Happy National Lawn Care Month, dear readers. Sure, it’s not the sexiest-sounding month ever, but lawn care and landscaping can be fun, too! Just taking a look at Pinterest, I loved this idea for a low-cost sprinkler, and hey, a bike that’s also a riding lawn mower? That is genius multitasking. But I think my favorite lawn-related find was this DIY sod sofa.

sod sofa

It looks a bit like a wacky Edward Scissorhands-style topiary, but it’s actually solid enough to sit on, as the picture demonstrates. Heck, I think you could even go further and make a sod coffee table and sod ottoman, too! Interested in making your own literal lawn furniture? Check out the DIY instructions here.

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  3. Rebecca says:

    The reason the link to the instructions doesn't 'work' is because the magazine it was published in no longer exists. They were bought/taken over by BHG, then discontinued when non of the staff wanted to move to a different state. At any rate, here is another article I found where the original creator describes how to make the sod sofa: http://www.farmshow.com/view_articles.php?a_id=32

  4. candy says:

    this was helpful but not completely. it still leaves out the how to

  5. Marike says:

    On http://dornob.com/diy-sod-sofas-recline-in-real-g… I also found instructions to make this couch.

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