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Happy National Lawn Care Month, dear readers. Sure, it’s not the sexiest-sounding month ever, but lawn care and landscaping can be fun, too! Just taking a look at Pinterest, I loved this idea for a low-cost sprinkler, and hey, a bike that’s also a riding lawn mower? That is genius multitasking. But I think my favorite lawn-related find was this DIY sod sofa.

sod sofa

It looks a bit like a wacky Edward Scissorhands-style topiary, but it’s actually solid enough to sit on, as the picture demonstrates. Heck, I think you could even go further and make a sod coffee table and sod ottoman, too! Interested in making your own literal lawn furniture? Check out the DIY instructions here.

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  7. The real question is "Do you use a lawn mower or weed wacker to trim it?" hahahah :p

  8. It is great Briana. The DIY Sod Sofa is so amazing and I like your idea to have this. These things are rare to watch and many people do not have the best ideas to make this. You are superb to have such interesting post for us.

  9. candy says:

    this was helpful but not completely. it still leaves out the how to

  10. Marike says:

    On http://dornob.com/diy-sod-sofas-recline-in-real-g… I also found instructions to make this couch.

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