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As a dog owner, I’ve had a specific decor-related problem that I’ve been trying to solve for some time now. Namely, how do I disguise, hide or cover up my dog’s ugly crate? Getting rid of it seems like an obvious fix, but my dog was crate trained by a previous owner, and I think he likes having a little den of his own for sleeping (or chewing toys). Enter these crate covers by Bowhaus NYC.

dog crate covers

They come in a number of colors, patterns and styles and turn a sad wire mess into something that resembles a tiny tent, or perhaps a beach/pool cabana. Plus, matching bed inserts! I also love the way the crate cover flaps can be rolled up and down for easy access or sleepytime. My dog may not be as rich as Leona Helmsley’s Trouble once was, but at least he can live like a millionaire. (And I can get my bedroom back in order.)


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  1. Amy says:

    Not my design style – but definitely much cuter then a lot of the stuff out there. I personally was thrilled when Modkat came out with their stylish top entry litter box! My little man loves it and it looks way cuter then the other options available!

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  3. debra says:

    I love the idea of this, my cousin has two large dogs that sleep in big crates and I am sure she would love these, I also use vinyl feeding mats for my dogs, you can order them made to match your decor, get them here: http://jbeedesigns.com/store/WsDefault.asp?One=47

  4. Debbie Carter says:

    This is a neat idea for pet owners with crates. My sister is always trying to find a place to hid her crate when guests come over, this makes it a little easier to look at. I wish it came in more sutle prints. These prints are a little busy for me, but good idea!

  5. Barbara Anzellotti says:

    I don't understand where the wires are on the front side of the crate. How do you keep the dog in?

    • yvonne says:

      WHO in their right mind would lock a dog in idiot

      • Cindy says:

        Obviously you have never owned a lab! Highly destructive when left alone until they are 2 yrs old. Crate training is a must.

    • Sheila says:

      She means where is the DOOR! They kind of come on the crate, hence…crate training your dog. What's the point of having the crate if you don't close them in when you leave, etc.

  6. megnien says:

    très beau superbe

  7. LoveMyDog says:

    When I say I am going out my little dog goes to her crate . She likes it and it keeps her safe from getting into things when I am out. I never leave her more than a few hours and when I am home she is with me on the sofa but goes to her "bed" on her own when I am busy in the house.
    She sleeps on my bed and is loved and well taken care of.
    It's all a matter of good sense and providing a den to keep your dog secure and safe isn't a bad thing.

  8. Pjsideas says:

    Great idea! My dogs have love their crates, and have always gone to them on their own. When I leave for a few hours, they are safe in there. I use the door on the end instead of the one on the side, and at night I do cover them for sleep. They feel safer in their own beds and though I tried to get them to sleep with me, they alway get down and go to their own beds. My babies are very well cared for and loved.

    • Karen says:

      I agree..I have three dogs and they all have free access to their crates. Once crate/house traibed, the doors are never shut. They sleep in there on their own. Sometimes the two Cockers Spaniels will sleep together. They love them. It is a true sense of security for them. It is not bad for tgem, unless the owner creates it to be.. Such as a punishment tool.

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