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Unfortunately, tornado season is here and even started a bit early due to spring-like weather. We all remember the devastation from last year as storms left damaging effects across several states throughout April and May. Since then, people across the country have started searching for safe, underground storm shelters and bunkers for their homes. And, interestingly enough, some of these bunkers aren’t just to wait out the storm. Some are even purchasing and building these underground units in preparation for Doomsday. So, what do these bunkers look like? Well, if you’re super fancy, you can stop digging and reserve a spot (for $25,000 a person!) in this modern end-of-times bunker located in Nebraska. Most, however, are clearing land by their homes for their storm (and future) safe haven.

bunker storm shelter decor interiorio9

storm shelter bunker interiorAn American Housewife

bunker storm shelter decorVia: Pinterest

storm shelter bunkerBest Storm Shelters

bunker storm shelter undergroundMother Earth News / Photo by Barbara Bourne Photography

trap door storm shelter bunkerVia: Stash Vault

doomsday bunker AHAlife

I’m so fascinated with the idea of bunker living and was intrigued to find out that people are turning to bunker-style homes as permanent means of living, too. I’m curious to know: Do you have a storm shelter or bunker where you live? How is it furnished or stocked, and how often do you have to open the doors and go underground? Let us know in the comments below.


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