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Statement lighting is a must for me, as I find that quirky floor and table lamps can often make the most basic room shine. So naturally, after spotting this tripod floor lamp at Anthropologie, I was instantly smitten. Yet the lampshade didn’t quite work for us, and spending $300 on a base was a bit out of our budget.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

Our custom DIY lamp - finished and happy in its new home!

What to do? Craft the perfect lamp ourselves! Inspired by the tripod lamp base, we put our own spin on the design with a seaside-inspired lantern and reclaimed wood scraps from our closet pull project. The good news? We’ve documented (heavily!) the entire process below, so you can follow along at home. Care to give it a go? Follow the tutorial after the jump!:

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

MATERIALS: Lamp cord, threaded nipple, 3 hex nuts (corresponding with the threaded nipple), lamp socket, lantern, reclaimed wood. You’ll also want wood glue (your kid’s Elmer’s works, too!), a nail gun, screw driver, drill and saw.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

To wire the lantern for electricity:
(1) Remove the top cap of the lantern with a screwdriver and (2) drill out a hole for the threaded nipple. The paint may chip; don’t worry – you can always spray paint the exterior later!

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

(3) Feed lamp cord through the top vent. (4) Then, thread the lamp socket onto threaded nipple, placing two hex nuts on the other end. When mounting to the lantern, one hex nut will tighten down on the lamp socket; the other will tighten from the bottom.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

(5) Screw the lamp cord wires onto lamp socket. The smooth side of the cord (hot side) will screw to the brass (hot side) of the lamp socket, and the ribbed side of the lamp cord will connect to the silver side of the lamp socket. (6) Next, tightly wrap the socket and wires with electrical tape before putting the cardboard sleeve back onto the socket.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

(7) Feed the entire socket up, bringing the threaded nipple out to the top of the lantern. Tightly screw the last hex nut onto the threaded nipple securing the socket to the lantern. (8) Lastly, screw in a light bulb and put lantern glass in place, replace the top cap and re-crimp the edges to secure.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

To build the base:
Cut your choice of wood to size. We used reclaimed pine ripped to 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″. Make the base and each tripod leg as tall as you’d like (ours is 5 3/4″ tall to the tip with one 36″ leg and one 35 1/2″ leg), factoring in a one-way lean for stability. Angle each cut at 65 degrees to ensure a stable base (our top piece is angled at 45 degrees). Then, glue each piece in place to create a tripod that leans as much or as little as you’d like.

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

Nail or screw each piece immediately after you glue, one by one (the legs, base and top cross piece).

Rustic Floor Lamp DIY Project - Erin Loechner

Notch out the top cross piece at a spot that allows your lantern to hang securely (our notch was 1/4″ deep). Hang your lantern, plug it in and enjoy your new seaside-inspired, rustic floor lamp!

Not so hard, right? Give it a go and, as always, let us know if you have questions in the comment section! Happy DIY-ing!


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