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A few weeks ago, I got really #$%& bored sourcing product for two nurseries I’m designing: one in Venice, Ca., and another in Brooklyn, NY. Pink blah blah blah, baby blue blah blah blah, duckies blah blah, kitties blah blah. The regurgitation of the same ole, same ole, made me wanna slap myself in the face with a Sophie Giraffe — simply to escape the overabundance of you-must-like-this-because-it-is-baby-blue-and-or-pink nursery furniture.

Don’t get me wrong: I love using pink, and my entire Hollywood Hills home is bathed in shades of blue. But when it comes to baby rooms that break the mold, those outfitted with shades of green, grey and/or taupe are fresh, surprisingly classic and also pretty darn adaptable; all three colors can grow with a child, and take on totally different characteristics — both feminine and/or masculine. Much to my surprise, I stumbled across an excellent online source for nursery furniture, Oilo Studio.  Designers, parents, and designing parents are certain to become fans as well. Although the company offers everything from crib bedding to throw pillows to wall art, I especially fell in love with their gliders and pendants. Anyone else looking to trick out their own tot’s digs, or designers/decorators in the mood for something new, take a look at all Oilo Studio has to offer. The next time you look at your little one’s Sophie Giraffe, and refrain from clubbing yourself in the sniffer with it, you can thank me, then paint the walls pea green or medium taupe. Wow, now I just sound outright pushy, huh?
Triple Bandroom Shot
The fabric-covered cylinder pendants are graphic and certain for a baby to rest his/her eyes on with adoration, plus they’re classic in style — an excellent combination to add something to a nursery which parents can enjoy every bit as much as their mini-me’s. Available in different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns, the solid spring green seems to be the favorite among my clients.


The very first item which drew me to Oilo Studio was the Cohen Glider which is a mashup of transitional, Hollywood Regency and contemporary styles. It was my glider of choice for the Brooklyn nursery I’m headed up to New York to install and photograph in a few weeks. Check out it’s low-sloping arms; this detail is fantastic for spatially-challenged nurseries since the low, light appeal of its lines seem to take up less visual space. Plus, that Stripe Large Cylinder pendant in Brown, to me, is preppy perfection.

And then there’s the Penelope Glider. Gigantic hit..HUGE here with my clients and colleagues in Los Angeles. Perhaps what resonates so well with people is the fact that it’s simple and traditional, yet with a twist. Its wingback style is totally classic; however, its clean upholstery and the graphic impact of its contrasting welt cord make it totally modern. For the Venice, Ca. nursery I am in the middle of installing for a 10-month-old boy, we’re using it in white with the spring green welt cord. 
cobblestone taupe room shot

When it comes to original prints, Oilo Studio has it down to a science. Their patterns are medium to large in scale, super easy for a baby to read from different vantage points in a room. Above all, the cobblestone pattern, seen here in the bedding, is the one I find perfect for a boy’s room. Although the cobblestone motif doesn’t necessarily scream “Hey, I am a boy and I am gonna chuck rocks at stuff, then ride really hard in my truck”, there is still something sorta masculine in nature about the organic shape of the stones. Plus, of all the patterns offered by Oilo, I think this one would work perfectly in a full-out adult space.

Okay, that’s it for me right now. Before I wrap up these babyspaces, anyone else find any spectacular nursery furniture we should all know about? If so, thanks in advance, y’all!


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  2. CplusE says:

    I am loving DwellStudio's new "Woodland Tumble" nursery collection:


    Of course, I am a sucker for anything with an animal design, especially when it has such a sophisticated look! I also like their clean-lined, simple furnishings for the nursery. The one thing that bothers me is the fact that those who designed the website divided the nursery collections into "For Girls" and "For Boys" categories — not really necessary, and why would the "Skyline" and "Owls" collections be relegated to the boys only slot? Not the type of forward thinking I would expect from DwellStudio!

  3. Nan says:

    I love the suburban farmhouse green home — but I have one question — where are the closets? I can't imagine a master bedroom without a walk-in closet. Also where are the closets in the guest bedroom and the kid's room?

  4. Priscilla Witwer says:

    I guess I'm the only one that doesn't care for this design. Sorry…. The first picture looks like an ultra modern lawyer's office with a crib stuck in it. The second picture makes me dizzy with all the stripe and half circle thing going on. The third picture at least has a touch of color, but still…. The fourth picture looks like an adult themed ultra modern bedroom. Not trying to be rude, but stating my opinion. Just call me old school. I like a nursery to have color, pretty, happy colors. Pastels are not just pink and blue. It needs baby animals, fairy tale, teddy bears, etc. Babies need a room that is for their age group, not a room for the parents age group. Let babies have fun, being able to enjoy cute pictures and things in a enchanted, carefree environment.

    • Bev B says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly, Pricilla. Babies and toddlers need some stimulating visuals and some "happy" images, not ultra modern graphics! Visually I don't think the babies relate. Already they delight in storybook images, maybe these babies that live in these rooms need to have Architectual Digest as their nighttime storybook. Boring.

  5. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Thank you Bev. Well said. Nothing in these "nurseries" says Baby. The Architectural Digest comment – exactly!

  6. shirley says:

    the chairs in the second pic and the last pic are NOT geared to holding a baby…….no arm
    rests! Obviously, the designer didn't consider comfort for the parent ………or visiting grandparents who want to hold the baby for more than 15 seconds.

  7. Priscilla Witwer says:

    And….. did you notice the sharp pointed corners on the crib in the 1st and 4th pictures. Furniture needs to have rounded, smoother edges. ….. Okay, I'm done with this.

  8. Shannon says:

    At first I thought the same things (those above) but then I noted that the design is definitely stimulating and entertaining for little ones. It also looks kick-ass. I have some very anti/baby-theme metrosexual friends and these designs are right up their NYC alley. LIKE

  9. Cat says:

    Can you please advise or does anyone know where the cribs on pics 1 and 3 are from??
    Thank you!!

  10. Carolina says:

    Where can i get the green wallpaper?

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